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Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Name the answers to these questions.
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Characters
Name the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Characters.
Rick Riordan Gods-City match
Match the city to the gods that inhabit it in the Rick Riordan books.
Camp Half-Blood Cabins
Pick the Camp Half-Blood Cabins.
Percy Jackson Logic Puzzle
Can you fill out this Percy Jackson logic puzzle?
Prophecy of Seven
Name the words to the Prophecy of Seven.
Percy Jackson Gods
Name the Percy Jackson Gods.
Percy Jackson Chain #2
Name the Percy Jackson Chain #2.
YA Books Couples Matchup
Match the couples from YA books.
Percy Jackson Characters
Can you pick each Percy Jackson character?
Percy Jackson Character Scramble
Name the Percy Jackson Characters from their Scrambled Names.
Olympian Parent of each Percy Jackson Character
Name the Olympian Parent of each Percy Jackson Character (Includes Heroes of Olympus).
Children of the 'Big Three'
Name the Demi-god children from the Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series that are children of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades*.
Quick Pick: Percy Jackson
Pick the Missing Word from these Percy Jackson Novels.
The Lost Hero
Name the characters in The Lost Hero.
Percy Jackson: First 100 Names
Name the first 100 characters named in the Percy Jackson series.
Most Famous Greek Gods/Goddess
Name the Most Famous Greek Gods/Godesses.
Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief Top 30
Name the top 30 characters in The Lightning Thief by number of mentions.
Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson
Name the similarities between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.
Percy Jackson Alphabet Mine Soup
Can you spell out the gods of these Camp Half-Blood Cabins in order from the Alphabet Soup?
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Top 50
Name the top 50 most mentioned characters in the series: 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'.
Heroes of Olympus Character Haikus
Pick the Heroes of Olympus character by haiku about them.
Percy Jackson prophecy 1
Name the Percy Jackson fill- in- the blank prophecies .
Who Did it? Percy Jackson
Name the character who did each action from the Percy Jackson books.
Word Ladder: Demigods in Love
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder themed on the Percy Jackson books.
greek and roman gods
Name the greek and roman gods.
Follow that Line: The Lightning Thief, Part 1
Can you finish the lines from The Lightning Thief? (Book 1, Percy Jackson & The Olympians)
Percy Jackson prophecy 5(1st great prophecy )
Name the Percy Jackson prophecy 5 .
A-Z of Percy Jackson
Name the A-Z of Percy Jackson.
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