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Quick Pick: Rick Riordan Series by First Book
Can you choose the correct Rick Riordan series given the first book?
Who Did it? Percy Jackson
Name the character who did each action from the Percy Jackson books.
Magnus Chase Weapon Match
Pick the magnus chase character's preferred weapon? .
Trials of Apollo Haikus (Chapter 21-39)
Can you finish the Trials of Apollo Haikus?
Percy Jackson Prophecies
Name the words to the prophecies in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
Magnus Chase Typing Challenge
Can you type the progressively more difficult Magnus Chase themed words in this typing challenge?
Percy Jackson 2 Lost in Translation
Match the chapters of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters that have been translated through a series of languages then back to English to the original.
Commonest Words in the Heroes of Olympus Series
Name the words that Rick Riordan used most frequently in all Five Heroes of Olympus books, combined.
Literature by Definition: Rick Riordan
Pick the following words from the titles of Rick Riordan's works by their definitions.
Fill in the Blanks - Percy Jackson Chapters
Complete titles of each of chapters from the Percy Jackson series.
'The Lightning Thief' Songs
Can you correctly name the songs from 'The Lightning Thief' musical?
The Lightning Thief - Prologue Lyrics
Name the Prologue Lyrics.
Heroes of Olympus Logic Puzzle
Can you solve the puzzle by figuring out which Heroes of Olympus character goes in each box?
Camp Half-Blood Cabins
Pick the Camp Half-Blood Cabins.
Percy Jackson Characters A-Z
Can you name a character* from Percy Jackson for every letter of the alphabet when both first and last names are accepted?
Cabins in Percy Jackson
In the Percy Jackson series, the Greek Gods and Goddess have their own cabins. Can you identify what cabin goes to which Greek God or Goddess?
Rick Riordan Book: Any Word A-Z
Can you name any word in any Rick Riordan title for each of these given letters?
Percy Jackson Camp Jupiter Map
Pick the correct spot on the map of camp Jupiter from Heroes of Olympus for each place.
Follow that Line: The Lightning Thief, Part 1
Can you finish the lines from The Lightning Thief? (Book 1, Percy Jackson & The Olympians)
Triple Picture Click Literature 1
Pick the picture representing the common theme for each triplet.
Which Young Adult Fantasy Series?
Pick the fantasy series to which each of the following novels belongs.
Is That a Book in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
Pick the books in Percy Jackson without clicking on the decoys.
Children of the 'Big Three'
Name the Demi-god children from the Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series that are children of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades*.
Rick Riordan Series Pick
Can you choose the which of the four Rick Riordan series contains each of these books?
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief First Page
Name the words in first page of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.
Demigod Ability Match
Match the demigod with their ability.
Percy Jackson 1 Lost in Translation
Match the chapters of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief that have been translated through a series of languages then back to English to the original.
Percy Jackson Weapon of Choice
Match the Percy Jackson characters to their weapon of choice.
Trials of Apollo Haikus(Chapters 1-20)
Can you finish the Trials of Apollo Haikus?
Rick Riordan Gods-City match
Match the city to the gods that inhabit it in the Rick Riordan books.
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