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Percy Jackson Chapters by first line: Sea of Monsters
Match the first sentence of each Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters chapter to its title.
Percy Jackson and the Greek Language
Match these Percy Jackson characters to their names in Greek.
Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter?
Can you decide whether each character is originally from Camp (H)alf-Blood or Camp (J)upiter?
Start of a New Chapter: The Lightning Thief
Name the first sentence of the first ten chapters of Rick Riordan's novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.
Rick Riordan Books by One Sentence Summary
Pick the correct Rick Riordan book by the one sentence summary.
Percy Jackson in Other Languages
It's all Greek to us!
Percy Jackson Grab Bag
Name the items or people for the different categories in Percy Jackson? .
Crossword: Children of the Big Three
Can you fill in the crossword?
Percy Jackson Mis-Matches
Match the halves, which include both the character's and actor's name from the Percy Jackson movies in each half.
Percy Jackson By Any 3 Letters
Name the top 200 mentioned Percy Jackson characters by any 3 letters.
Percy Jackson Character's Flaw
If you're given a character from the Percy Jackson series, can you identify their Fatal Flaw?
Percy Jackson Crossword
Can you fill in the information for this Percy Jackson Crossword?
Rick Riordan Book Title Match-Up
Match the titles of Rick Riordan's Books.
► Missing Word: Percy Jackson Chapters (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from each of these Percy Jackson chapter titles?
Fantasy Characters Multiple Choice III
Hopefully acing this quiz isn't just a fantasy for you.
Heroes of Olympus Character Haikus
Pick the Heroes of Olympus character by haiku about them.
Percy Jackson Without Rick Riordan
Name the Percy Jackson charecters spelled without the letters R, I, C, K, R, I, O, R, D, A, or N?**.
'Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief' In Order
Pick the screenshots from the film 'Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief' in the order they occur in the film.
Heroes of Olympus Book by Percentage Narrated
Pick the Heroes of Olympus Book by Percentage Narrated.
Memory Game: Kid Lit
Mentally match each kid-lit pic with the best keyword. Press 'Play' and paired images will flash in the boxes; enter the keyword followed by the 2 grid numbers of matching pix. Pictures reappear every minute. Can you get them all in before time runs out?
Lightning Thief Chapters by Opening Sentence
Pick the Lightning Thief Chapters by Opening Sentence.
Those Dam Sentences!
Pick the real dam sentences from Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse.
Criteria Characters: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Name the Percy Jackson and the Olympians characters that fulfill all criteria.
Percy Jackson Alphabet Mine Soup
Can you spell out the gods of these Camp Half-Blood Cabins in order from the Alphabet Soup?
Language by 'Percy Jackson' Cover
Can you identify the language based on the various covers of the different 'Percy Jackson' novels?
9 to 1: Young Adult Fiction
Pick the Young Adult Fiction.
Percy Jackson Characters by Death
Pick the Percy Jackson Characters based on their death.
Percy Jackson Places
Pick the states percy visited when give the name of a place or landmark.
First 10 Characters - Percy Jackson
Name the first 10 Characters to be mentioned by name in the Percy Jackson books.
Percy Jackson: Giants and their Opponents
Match the Giants in the Percy Jackson series with the Greek Gods they were born to oppose.
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