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Rick Riordan Gods-City match
Match the city to the gods that inhabit it in the Rick Riordan books.
Percy Jackson Surnames
We assume you're going to know at least one of these answers.
The Lightning Thief
Being the child of a god is more challenging than you'd think, believe me I should know.
Demigod Ability Match
Match the demigod with their ability.
Quick Pick: 10-1 Young Adult
Pick the number of books in each series in descending order from 10 to 1.
Teen Heroines Match-Up
Can match the Teen Heroine with her female friend; movie, book or TV show she is from; and location her story (mainly) takes place?
Percy Jackson A-Z
Percy Jackson: the only character who can save the world with a pen.
Those Dam Sentences!
Pick the real dam sentences from Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse.
10-to-1 Young Adult Characters
Not all of these young adult characters can be considered role models.
Percy Jackson 1 Lost in Translation
Match the chapters of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief that have been translated through a series of languages then back to English to the original.
Percy Jackson Books
It's hard out there for a Demigod.
The Ultimate Challenge - Percy Jackson
Name the Things associated with these hints.
Percy Jackson Immortal Parents
When your parents are gods, it probably makes it pretty hard to ditch class.
Percy Jackson Characters
Can you pick each Percy Jackson character?
Odd One Out: Percy Jackson Chapter Titles
Can you choose which Percy Jackson chapter title is from a different book to the others?
Is That a Book in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
Pick the books in Percy Jackson without clicking on the decoys.
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