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Real Person, Real Oscar: Actors
Match the real person with the actor who who won an Oscar portraying them, as they portrayed them.
Best Actor Winners: Oldest & Youngest
Name the oldest and youngest Oscar winners for Best Actor in a Leading Role.
Tom Hanks Films by Criteria
Hanks for the memories.
Best Picture Winners: 1960s
Ten years, ten best pictures. And here we thought there could only be one 'best'.
Best, Supporting or No Oscar?
Can you guess if the actor or actress won Best, Supporting or No Acting Oscar at the Academy Awards?
Best Picture, Actor, Actress, and Director
"First of all, I'd like to thank Sporcle..."
Every Oscar-Nominated Movie Starring Al Pacino
It's not every day you get nominated for an Oscar.
Click a Movie, Initially - Best Original Screenplay Win
Anyone else now craving a Royale with cheese?
Oscar Nominated Performances - 2005
Were you watching the Oscars? In 2005?
Letter Grid: Best Picture Winners
Building movies, one letter at a time.
Click A Movie, Initially - Best Adapted Screenplay Win
Pick the correct movie scene when given the initials of its title.
Movies That Won Five Oscars
Name the movies that took home five Academy Awards.
Quick Pick: Oscar Winning British Monarchs
Pick the actor or actress who won an Oscar portraying a sovereign British monarch.
Best Picture Nominee for Every Letter (2010s)
Can you name a Best Picture Nominated Movie from the 2010s for every letter of the alphabet?
7 to 1 Writers Whose Works Have Won Best Picture
Pick the author who had a work adapted to an Academy Award Best Picture Winner for each literary work listed (See Note).
Disney Movies by Oscar-Nominated Songs
Did you fail this quiz? It's okay. Just let it go.
10 from 10: Best Films to Win Best Picture
Name the ten best films to win an Oscar for Best Picture according to these sources.
World Leader or Actress?
Can you choose the female head of state or winner of the Academy Award for best actress?
Oscar/Tony Award for Same Role
Can you choose who has been nominated for an Oscar and a Tony award for playing the same role?
Best Picture Nominated World War II Movies
Which of these films was nominated for best picture?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Do you think this is how theaters sort out what they're playing?
A Categorically Oscar Winning Quiz
Can Sporcle quizzes win Oscars?
Oscar Best Actor Crossword
Can you fill the surnames of the Oscar Best Actors winners based on the roles they played?
My life became an Oscar-winning role! (Best Actress)
Movies based on the lives of some of these women won their portayers a Best Actress trophy. Click them, and beware of decoys!
Click a Movie, Initially - Best Picture Nominees III
It's an honor just to be nominated, right?
Oscars: Sci-Fi Best Picture Nominees
Which movies classified by Imdb as Sci-Fi have received Best Picture nominations?
Best Actress Oscar Winners by Biography Title
Who will play them in the movie adaptation?
Sporcle Categorical Grab Bag: Begins with 'C'
This guy definitely has a favorite 'C' word.
Oscar-Nominated Performances In Spanish
Estas son las mejores peliculas de todas.
One-Word Best Picture Grid
Can you fill the grid with all the one-word Best Picture winners?
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