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Best Picture Settings in Order
Who needs to read a history book when you can take a crash course via Best Picture winners?
Missing Member: Movies
Can you choose the missing member of each Movies group, set or pair?
Best Actor Winners by First Names
Get ready to click a lot of tuxedos.
Best Actress Winners by First Names
Do last names make it easier?
Word Ladder: 1978 Best Picture Winner
Name the 4-letter words in this movie-themed word ladder.
Click the Two Word Movies
Two words is sometimes all you need, but not this time. We used more.
One-Star Oscar Winners II
Think about it, sometimes one star is all you need. Solar system does fine with just one.
Images: All Academy Award Winning Movies (A Part 1)
Identify the films that start with A and have won Academy Awards
Avoid the 'T' Best Picture Winners
Sorry T, no Oscar for you this year.
Oscars 7-to-1
Can you match each Oscar-related answer to the category in which it belongs?
A List Hollywood Resume
Can you correctly identify the correct actor from the list given that appeared in ALL of the films or shows in the list given?
Movie Music Identification
This quiz plays like a musical.
Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970
The real winner are the audience members who get to leave after this award is presented.
'D' Game
If you want to at least pass this quiz, you'll need to get 22 answers to get a 'D'.
100 Biggest Films in Oscar History
These movies are kind of a big deal.
'F' Game
Frantic fidgeting frees few fantastic fellows.
Oscar Best Actors
And for best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role...the Oscar goes to - All these guys!!!
Oscar Best Pictures All Time
Oscars are heavy. If there was an earthquake, someone could actually be killed by their own Academy Award.
Movie Blitz: Actors by Decade
We've got a full century of great actors for you in here.
'G' Game
Good grief Gargamel! Great games give glee.
Oscar Best Actresses
You like them, you really really like them!
'W' Game
What wild writings we've woven!
'K' Game
Kome konquer this klever kwiz kwickly.
Click the One Word Movies
Most of the time, one word is all you need.
Spielberg Movies by Oscar Nominations
He's shrugging because he has so many awards already.
Movie Music Identification II
Can you choose the correct movie, based on an image from one of its scenes, when given a song that appeared in the movie?
Academy Award for Best Actor (2000s)
Daniel Day-Lewis still wants to drink your milkshake.
Best Picture Winners: 1980s
Can you remember which films took home the hardware?
Every Single Best Actress Nominee
It's a shame that only one of these actresses takes home the Oscar each year.
'N' Game
To try to keep a little bit of alphabetic equilibrium at Sporcle today, we've removed the letter of this quiz from this prologue.
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