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Click a Movie, Initially - Best Picture Winners
They may take away our movie titles, but they'll never take our Sporcle!
Begins and Ends: Best Pictures
Some of these Best Picture winners could do with a little editing anyway.
Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970
The real winner are the audience members who get to leave after this award is presented.
Movies Sixes
Name the various sextets in the given movies categories.
Both SNL and Oscar Hosts
"And the Oscar goes to...Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
Sporcle's Easiest Movies
Can you name Sporcle's easiest Movie answers for each category?
Best Picture Bonanza
We still can't understand how more Paulie Shore movies haven't been nominated.
Every single Academy Award Best Director Nominee EVER
Name the Academy Award Best Director Nominees.
Every Single Best Actor Nominee
How Paulie Shore missed this list is beyond our comprehension.
'P' Game
If you think the 'P' quiz is difficult, wait until we get to 'Q'!
'N' Game
To try to keep a little bit of alphabetic equilibrium at Sporcle today, we've removed the letter of this quiz from this prologue.
Click A Movie, Initially - Best Picture Nominees
Pick the correct movie scene when given the initials of its title.
Best Picture By Decade
Pick the Oscar winners for Best Picture based on the decade in which they were released.
The Struggle Is Real - Oscars
Yeah they may have struggled, but an Oscar makes it worth it.
Click the EGOT Trophies
Can you pick the trophies that are awarded to members of this exclusive club?
Best Picture by Object
A prop, a prop! My Oscar for a prop!
Sporcle Crossword Quest
Now you can get your Sporcle and crossword fix at the same time. How efficient!
Click Me Five: Movies II
You can count the number of movies using just the fingers on one hand. Isn't that something?
Disney Oscar Songs - First Verses
Even if you just type in the first verse, the rest of the song will be stuck in your head for a while.
Acting Oscar Nominees by Director 2
Name the actors who have been directed to Oscar nominations by the following directors.
'G' Game
Good grief Gargamel! Great games give glee.
'F' Game
Frantic fidgeting frees few fantastic fellows.
Click A Movie, Initially - Best Picture Winners III
Pick the correct movie scene when given the initials of its title.
Best Pictures Missing a Letter
We're not sure, but there has to be some kind of La La Land/Moonlight joke lurking here.
Best Picture Winners: 2000s
And the Oscar went to...
Oscars Through the Decades
And the Oscar goes to...
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
Oscar Best Actresses
You like them, you really really like them!
Oscar Best Actors
And for best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role...the Oscar goes to - All these guys!!!
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