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Sports by Lego
Even if you don't play with Legos, you still have a sporting chance at getting a lot of these.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Sports
Can you sort the 100 Sports items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Olympics Sorting Blitz
We normally sort Olympians into Gold, Silver, and Bronze, but this takes a different approach.
10 to 1: The Olympics
Pick the answers that fit into each category related to the Olympics.
10 to 1: Hockey
Ever notice that hockey rinks have rounded corners? If they were 90° the ice would melt.
Olympic Sorting
Can you sort (i.e. click in order) these sports in the repeated order Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, Non-Olympics?
Sports by Lego II.
Name the sport by its Lego version.
Olympics Cities
Name the host cities for the modern Olympic Games.
Sports by Lego III.
Name the sport by its Lego version.
True or False Blitz: Sports
Be sure to bring your bat, racket, or club to this quiz.
Criteria Olympic Sports
Only a true sports fan can get 100% on the first try.
Summer or Winter Olympic Cities
Can you choose whether the following cities hosted the Summer or Winter Olympic Games?
Sports by Cake
Note: avoid karate chefs.
'A' Game
Bringing your 'B' game to this quiz will not be good enough.
Criteria Countries (North America)
North America has 3 large countries, and by our estimate about 75 tiny ones.
Tough Choices: Sports Edition
Here at Sporcle, we all had to make the tough choice to not go pro. You know, for the sake of fair competition.
Finish the Famous Athlete Quote
As these athletes will tell you, this is no time for excuses. There's a quiz to be played.
Sporcle 7-to-1 Blitz: Part Two
Can you quickly match each Sporcle answer to the group in which it belongs?
Sports by Equipment Picture Click
But really, you COULD use baseball equipment to play hockey if you tried hard enough.
A Decade of Sports (2000s)
How could these sports stars be successful before anyone even had a Twitter account?
'B' Game
Better bring broad brains before beginning.
'L' Game
Leapin Lizards!!! It's the L game!
Olympic Cities Minefield
This quiz is more dangerous than standing in the wrong place during the shot put.
'N' Game
To try to keep a little bit of alphabetic equilibrium at Sporcle today, we've removed the letter of this quiz from this prologue.
Finish the Famous Athlete Quote II
Pick the last word to these famous quotes made by professional athletes.
Best Olympic Boxing Nations
Name the top 20 nations in the all-time Olympic Boxing medal-table.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Sports Minefield Blitz
It's a good thing that none of these sports feature actual minefields.
Sports Puns II
I couldn't figure out why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger... Then it hit me.
Sports Sorting Gallery
Sort and sport are only one letter apart. Coincidence? I think not!
'S' Game
If you're confused, it's that weird squiggle right between the 'R' and the 'T'.
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