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Code Cracker! 29
There are codes to crack!
Saturday Sudoku II
Time for a second helping of Saturday Sudoku!
Elements Named After Ytterby, Sweden
You could probably find some elements not named after Ytterby there. Like oxygen.
Odd or Even: Holidays
We track them by "days when we have to buy things for people" and "days when we get free things."
Bands by Number Sorting Blitz
Now these are some bands you can count on.
Unlock the Safe, Get the Gold VI
Can you figure out the combination to unlock the safe by erasing all the other numbers according to the clues? See Game Note.
Harry Potter Multiplication
Can you figure out the Harry Potter-related numbers and multiply them together?
Code Cracker! XXVI
If you can't crack the code, crack it with a hammer.
Sequence: A Harmless Little Logic Puzzle
Enter the wrong sequence, and your number is up.
5x5 Grid Logic Puzzle 8
Can you enter a digit 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 into each cell so that each row, column, and diagonal of length 5 contains only distinct values?
Mini Sudoku 16
1, 2, 3, 4....
Cross Equations! (Logic Puzzle) 2
Can you fill the grid so that every complete row and column in the grid is a true mathematical equation? (See How to Play.)
That's Out of Nine!
For each number, can you determine what the remainder is after dividing by nine? (See How to Play - It's not as hard as you might think...)
Find the Seven Seas (Medieval Arabia)
Can you find the seven seas of the world according to medieval Arabian literature?
Geography Numbers
This one's really by the numbers.
Code Cracker! 28
Take another crack at some codes.
9x9 Easy Sudoku
Grab your keyboard and start filling in numbers, it's Sudoku time!
Don't Step on the Mines! III
This is like the most dangerous eye exam ever.
Roman-numeral Words
A quiz with real 'X' appeal.
Eight Language Colors Blitz
A global rainbow.
Vertically Symmetric Characters
Just put a mirror by each one to really fine tune your results.
Grid Sudoku II
Can you correctly fill the numbers in this grid sudoku?
#12 Athletes
Can you name these twelve twelves?
100 Number Movies
Sometimes movies are better at counting than we are.
Multiplication Table Modulo 9
Can you fill in the multiplication table for modulo 9 aritmetic?
Mini Sudoku 15
There's a lot of difference between four and nine
Sometimes Numbers Do Lie! Logic Puzzle
The numbers? What do they mean?
Code Cracker! XXV
This is no time for wisecracking.
Count to 10... With a Movies Twist
Shh! The film is about to start.
Cross Equations! [Guide Puzzle]
Can you fill the grid so that every complete row and column in the grid is a true mathematical equation? (See How to Play.)
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