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Same Start - Different Country
About half way through taking this quiz, I had convinced myself there just HAD to be a country called Kyrkmenistan...there is not.
German Speaking Countries
We're just göing tö put umlauts ön everything fröm here ön öut
Number Pad Challenge
This quiz is for anyone who likes hearing the clickety clack of keys on a keyboard.
Sport by Numbers II
Sports aren't known for having much math in them, but this quiz proves otherwise.
Are They Social Distancing?
Can you decide whether the given distance is large enough for the two people to be considered practicing proper social distancing? (Read How to Play)
Swift Sudoku #39
Can you fill in the Swift Sudoku #39
Alphabet by Number
Pick the letters of the alphabet by their number.
Twins in Television
If we were doing commercials the Doublemint Gum twins would have totally made the cut!
Saturday Sudoku LVI
Well it is Saturday, what else were you going to do?
Saturday Sudoku XVIII
Just because it's easy doesn't mean it won't require effort.
Largest Countries by Number of Borders
This quiz doesn't quite border on easy.
Mini Sudoku XIII
We would wish you luck, but this one is number 13, so...
Mini Sudoku XI
If you've got a couple minutes, pencil this quiz into your schedule.
Mini Sudoku VI
Get your pencils out!
Code Cracker! XIV
So many codes to crack, so little time.
Code Cracker! XI
Can you break the code?
Multicolor Paint-By-Numbers 15
Can you create an image from this MULTICOLOR paint-by-numbers logic puzzle (see note for rules) by clicking on the squares that must be colored in?
Code Cracker! IV
Don't lock up once the timer starts.
Multicolor Paint-By-Numbers 3
Can you create an image from this MULTICOLOR paint-by-numbers logic puzzle (see note for rules) by clicking on the squares that must be colored in?
Logic Punchboard
Two things that always go together: Logic and Punching.
Ratings Logic Puzzle
A quiz where the ratings are all logical, finally.
The Braille Alphabet
Thanks to Louis Braille for making this quiz possible.
General Knowledge Grab Bag VI
Here's your chance to show off your versatility.
Countries With Nukes
If we learned one thing from Indiana Jones it's that nuclear weapons are harmless if you are hiding inside a refrigerator.
Holiday by Numbers
You can't put a price on a holiday, but you can put a number on it.
Family Guy TV Parodies
If someone does a parody of a Family Guy TV parody then we're down the rabbit hole people!
Speedy Sudoku #38
Can you fill in the Speedy Sudoku #38?
X-Sudoku #58
Can you fill in the numbers in this 9x9 Sudoku puzzle? 1-9 once in each row, column, group, and blue diagonal!
Mini-Jigsaw-X Sudoku #32
Can you fill in the Mini-Jigsaw-X Sudoku
AP Football #1 Schools
The AP is just full of opinions about these things.
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