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Yet Another 1-25 Logic Puzzle XLVIII
Can you figure out where each number 1-25 belongs?
Orders of Magnitude XI
Pick the correct number for each description.
Orders of Magnitude V
Pick the correct number for each description.
Orders of Magnitude II
Pick the correct number for each description.
Saturday Sudoku II
Time for a second helping of Saturday Sudoku!
Odd or Even: Holidays
We track them by "days when we have to buy things for people" and "days when we get free things."
#20 Athletes
Is 20 the very best number? We're not entirely sure, but these athletes may beg to differ.
Geography by Numbers: Starting Letters
Try to stay inside the borders.
Plagues of Egypt
Maybe Pharaoh should have obliged when Moses originally said "Let my people go"...
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle III
We're don't think a calculator is going to help you very much here.
Square Numbers (1-50)
Ironically, this quiz will have you running around in circles.
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle II
You have to be a little insane to finish this logic puzzle.
1 to 300 Prime Factor Blitz
Math puns are a sine of a bigger problem.
Gaming with Legos
You can do just about anything with Legos, just don't step on them. It really hurts.
World Cities by Number of Cricket Tests
To be honest, we're kind of afraid of cricket bats.
Sports Logos Close-Up II
This quiz gives you an idea of what it is like to be a rabid sports fan with really bad tunnel vision.
50 Number Matching Madness
If you haven't had a chance to check out our new matching quizzes, now's your chance!
Most Common US City Names
It might be more difficult if you've never seen the Simpsons.
Sport by Numbers
We think the decathlon sounds more like a form of torture than a sport.
NFL Pro Bowls by Position (2000s)
You'd think some of these guys would be tired of going to Hawaii by now.
45 Second Sudoku #1
Can you fill the Mini Sudoku?
Mini-Jigsaw-X Sudoku #36
Can you fill in the Mini-Jigsaw-X Sudoku
Countries by Early Maps
Back in the day, cartography was a little more art than science.
Orders of Magnitude III
Pick the correct number for each description.
Don't Step on the Mines! III
This is like the most dangerous eye exam ever.
Numbers By Chess Moves Logic Puzzle
Can you enter all the numbers 1-25?
Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Characters
We tried guessing Azkaban so many times, and it didn't work.
World Heritage Site by Country
We can't wait for one day when a supervillain puts these all in one spot.
Skull Bones
The are the 'brain helmet bones' for those keeping track at home.
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