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Five, Six, Seven, or Eight?
Too bad our rating system only goes up to 5 globes. We think this quiz deserves 6, 7, or even 8 globes.
Clickable 1-100 Mines
Counting hasn't been this stressful since pre-school.
Clickable 1-10 Mines
Don't waste time looking for the '11'.
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle
You have to be a little insane to finish this logic puzzle.
1-20 Clickable Mines
You wouldn't think counting to 20 would be so dang hard.
Eye-Numbing Numbers
Warning: In case of numb eyes brought on by Sporclitis, try blinking a few times.
The Odd/Even Challenge
This quiz is a little odd...or is it a little even? We might never know.
One, Two, Three, or Four?
You can count on this to be entertaining.
This Quiz Could Be Your Undoing
Can you keep your sanity until the very end?
The most fun your fingers could have in under a minute.
1-10 Numbers Logic Puzzle
Locate the numbers 1-10 and the X's. Each number is adjacent to the number that is how many numbers it is adjacent to. (See 'How to Play')
1-100 Whiteout
An homage to the days before word processors when whiteout was the only way to correct a mistake.
Rugby Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each rugby player?
10 key practice
Name the numbers you're typing.
Random 1-100 Whiteout
Another whiteout? But we thought winter was over...
NBA Top 10 (2000s)
Here's a blast from the past, remember the 2000s? Seems like it was just yesterday.
Nine, Ten, Eleven, or Twelve?
Can you choose whether each of the phrases and titles are missing 'Nine,' 'Ten,' 'Eleven,' or 'Twelve?'
5-Star Numbers Venn Diagram
Pick the correct section of the five-oval Venn Diagram for each number.
4 x 4 Number Logic Puzzle
It's just a simple grid of numbers. How hard could it be?
Multiplication Table
It's just like 3rd grade, only without little Bobby shooting spitwads at the back of your neck.
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle II
You have to be a little insane to finish this logic puzzle.
NFL Logos
Who designed the Browns logo is our one and only question.
100 Number Matching Madness
It can be dangerous to play with matches.
#1 Songs Fill-in-the-Blank II
If at least one of these songs isn't stuck in your head by the end of the quiz, we haven't done our job.
The Uncheatable Challenge
Are you feeling lucky? Get 50% or better on this quiz, and you're halfway to earning the Gambler badge!
1 - 60 in 30 Seconds
You might want to have a backup keyboard ready.
Code Cracker! IV
Don't lock up once the timer starts.
Logic Punchboard
Two things that always go together: Logic and Punching.
Pixel Code 1234
Can you break the code?
Star Wars by Number of Lines
If only Chewbacca could have learned English, he might have made it on this quiz (Happy May the 4th).
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