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Clickable 1-100 Mines
Counting hasn't been this stressful since pre-school.
The most fun your fingers could have in under a minute.
The Odd/Even Challenge
This quiz is a little odd...or is it a little even? We might never know.
1-20 Clickable Mines
You wouldn't think counting to 20 would be so dang hard.
Clickable 1-10 Mines
Don't waste time looking for the '11'.
Speed Math (1-100)
This quiz is as close as you'll ever come to impersonating a calculator.
Logical Numbers Logic Puzzle
The logical thing to do at this point would be to give this quiz a try.
Logical Numbers 4: A Logic Puzzle
Name the numbers (1-25) that go in each box.
NFL Logos
Who designed the Browns logo is our one and only question.
Picture Click 1 to 100 in Order
It's a lot tougher than it sounds.
Invisible 1-100 Minefield
You can't 'Marco Polo' your way through this one!
Eye-Numbing Numbers
Warning: In case of numb eyes brought on by Sporclitis, try blinking a few times.
Skull Bones
The are the 'brain helmet bones' for those keeping track at home.
Nimble Number Logic Puzzle III
You'll have to wake up feeling pretty nimble to solve this puzzle.
5-Clue Number Logic Puzzle
Fill in the cells in the 5-Clue Number Logic Puzzle! Click 'how to play' for clarifications.
100 Number Matching Madness
It can be dangerous to play with matches.
Digits of Pi
Who knew that math could be so delicious?
'A' Countries in Order of Population
We bet you won't be able to do this in one try.
Click the only number
Answer the hints in an order that allows you to follow the instructions to click the only number with the given property
Blackboard Blitz: Math Symbols
How well can you tell apart these squiggly lines?
Just Another Good Old Logic Puzzle
Can you fill in the cells with the numbers 1-25 using the clues?
Logically Decreasing Squares
Can you place the numbers 1-36 in the grid using logic?
30 Simple Math Match-Ups
The math problems are simple, but we didn't say this was easy.
Friends Episodes
The One Where Sporcle Does the Friends Episode Quiz.
AP Football #1 Schools
The AP is just full of opinions about these things.
Mini Sudoku XI
If you've got a couple minutes, pencil this quiz into your schedule.
Trivia Grid Blitz - Numbers III
Can you type any number that satisfies each square in the table in time and without making a mistake?*
Random 1-100 Whiteout
Another whiteout? But we thought winter was over...
Quick Click Grid Minefield
Don't get gridlocked!
17x9 Mosaic Logic Puzzle VI
Solve this mosaic logic puzzle by clicking on appropriate squares to reveal a game piece (see How to Play for instructions).
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