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Harry Potter or Harry Imposter?
There must be some polyjuice potion involved here.
Pretty Little Liars: Notes from 'A'
We can never tell who's telling the truth here.
20th Century Literature Match
If you didn't read at least a handful of these in high school, you must have gotten off easy.
Finish the Book Title II
The greatest novels you'll ever finish in 6 minutes.
100 Best Novels by Any Word
Never judge a book by its cover, but authors, whoa boy judge them all you want!
Famous Novel Anagrams
Decoding some of these might actually take longer than reading some of these novels.
Books By Sporcle
If Sporcle ever takes over the world, these titles may become required reading.
Highest-Grossing Movies by Author
I like to watch these movies and then go to book-clubs and brag about how erudite I doesn't always work out.
Criteria Authors
Do you possess the right criteria to become a world famous author?
19th Century Literature Sorting Gallery
These books are from back in the day when authors were paid by the word.
Find Five: Brit Lit
If you're not confident in your British literature, this quiz might be a Comedy of Errors for you.
5-Star Books
We felt more culturally enriched just by taking this quiz.
Literary Surnames
I know many will be disappointed by the lack of Potters or Cullens on this list.
Book Titles Missing First Names
We prefer to use surnames anyway, it's more respectful.
Novels by Title Character
According to this quiz, Sauron was not one of the Little Women. Is that right?
Protagonists by Novel
All of these protagonists are novel in their own way.
9 Fictional British Characters
You have to imagine this quiz with an accent.
10 to 1 American Literature
These are some of the most prolific authors of all time.
Book Title by Movie
Well, they almost always say that the book was better than the movie...
Book Titles Missing Surnames
Let's not get too formal here.
American Literature Titles Match-Up
It turns out that Americans really like to write.
Harry Potter Characters by First Line
Too bad none of their first lines were 'Hello, my name is ___.'
Literature by The Simpsons
The Simpsons definitely know how to turn a great pun. We could learn a thing or two.
High School Plays
The show must go on...and on...and on.
Matching Books
If only writing a novel were this easy.
'The Three Brothers' Harry Potter Map
Muggle fairy tales are nowhere near as interesting.
Best 'Of' Literature
Of is a many splendored thing.
Book by Page 61 Excerpt
Why page 61? It just feels right.
Bullseye Blitz: Harry Potter!
Wizards probably have their own version of darts that's cooler and more dangerous.
A Book By Any Other Name
Grab your thesaurus and you'll be all set.
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