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Clicktional Destinations
That awkward moment when you're playing a Sporcle quiz and you finally learn that Sesame Street is fictional.
'The' Books
Just a reminder that if you literally hit the Books, you might hurt your hand.
Fictional Characters by Description
Whole books have been written on these characters, but we've got them summed up in a few phrases.
Books by Haiku
Haiku and Lit quiz / Makes for real good trivia / Stop timer please stop
Albus Dumbledore, This Is Your Life
Break out the pensieve, we're heading down memory lane.
Clicktion on the Fiction (1990s)
Oh right, we remember the '90s, back when books were all printed on paper. So weird.
'Red' Literature Match
These books will have you seeing red.
Book Title Pictograms
Writing a book in pictograms only would be tricky.
'The Hobbit' Dwarves
Possibly the second most famous band of dwarves out there, how well do you know the little guys who accompanied Bilbo?
Author by Movie Scene
If you wonder why you should read the book when you can see the movie, well now you know. To help with a Sporcle quiz!
Harry Potter Books Blitz
The pressure's on, Potter fans!
Color Books
It is possible that this quiz could inspire some color commentary.
Roald Dahl Adaptations
A great author whose books have been well adapted.
3 Books, 1 Common Word
Are you sure they don't have more than 1 word in common? As far as we know, there are plenty of words in a book.
ASOIAF Top 50 Minefield
You know nothing, Jon Snow.
AP Literature Most Cited
Hopefully you do better on this quiz than you did on your AP test.
Literary Animals Sorting Gallery
We're talking about a metaphorical shooting gallery here, don't worry!
Weasley Family Reunion: Logic Puzzle
It's the 2016 Weasley Family Reunion at the Burrow! Can you find each family member? (Read 'How to Play' before you begin.)
Novels by Map
It's helpful to have a map when wandering around in your imagination.
Less Exciting Literature
If they wanted to make books more exciting, they just need to include 3-D glasses.
This Book Stinks
What high schoolers wanted to write in their essays is revealed at last!
Literature by One-Word Hints
When it comes to literature, sometimes it's best to be brief.
Names in Novel Titles Match
If your name makes into the title of a novel, it probably means you've had a lot going on in your life.
Hermione Granger, This Is Your Life
It's a life spent largely in the library.
50 Nameless Novels
It's much harder to know who's who in books if no one has names.
Obscure Characters: Harry Potter or LOTR?
These fictional characters are so cool, you've probably never heard of them.
Commonly Asked About Literature
Someone should really lobby the NAQT about adding Twilight...well maybe not.
Harry Potter Transport Modes
Apparently, wizards are too cool to walk.
Criteria Sorting Gallery: Harry Potter
You get to play the role of the sorting hat today. Have fun holding all the cards.
Harry Potter Books by Line
Enough Harry Potter puns already. We're Sirius.
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