Literature Novel

Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
Who Wrote It? 21st Century Best-Selling Fiction
Fun fact: Half of these books were actually typed out on a Blackberry.
5-Star Literary Characters II
Just imagine what it would be like to have these characters over for a cookout.
Cryptic Book Title Meanings
For example - 'The title of this Bradbury classic comes from the temperature he was told was the auto-ignition point of paper, though there is debate about whether it's correct.'
Literature Speed-Picking
Speed readers, unite!
Names Missing From Book Titles
Oh to have one's name on the cover of a book...even if it were to go missing.
Literary Works by Mug
We aren't here to judge, but odds are good most of these mugs were filled with whisky.
Quick Quote Quintuplets: Novel Idea II
Some writers really know how to write.
Good Years for Novelists
At least someone is making a living out of this writing gig.
5-Star Hard-Boiled Mystery Novels
When you're slapped with your score for this quiz, you'll take it and like it.
Books for Your Whole Body
We usually think of using our eyes when reading, but this proves that your whole body is needed.
Who's Talking to Tyrion?
Who wouldn't want to talk to Tyrion, he's a pretty interesting guy.
Categorize This: Literature
Shhh...There's no talking in the Sporcle library.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Irish
Did Seamus Finnigan make this quiz?
The Struggle Is Real - Literary Characters
Life is hard for a character.
Agatha Christie by Letter
Consider this quiz an application for the position of librarian in St. Mary Mead
Political Fiction
Take a break in between the party conventions - with a novel about politics.
Edgar Allan Poe or Agatha Christie?
Try not to get your mystery writers mixed up.
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