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Countries and Capitals of North America
Name the countries AND capitals of North America.
30 in 60: North and South American Capitals
Can you cover two whole continents in under a minute?
Flags with Birds
Can you identify which country flies the following flags which contain an image of a bird.
Things Sporclers Associate with Cuba
You could practically do an entire Cuba-themed rendition of 'We Didn't Start the Fire' with this quiz.
Quick Pick: Six Nations of the Iroquois
Can you quickly pick the tribes that make up the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee) and avoid the decoys?
Caribbean in Rectangles
Hopefully there are no pirates in this part of the Caribbean.
Criteria Geography: Central America
Don't worry, the criteria are more specific than just "Are central" and "Are American". At least, I hope they are ...
Easy Geography facts everyone should know
Can you answer the easy geography facts everyone should know?
Anything but North American Capitals
But all other capitals welcome.
The Dominican Republic Quiz
Sometimes it's good to specialize.
Spot the Canadian Prime Ministers
It's like Where's Waldo but there are multiple waldos and they're Heads of State. So not like it at all.
Trivia Grid Blitz - US States II
Now is probably a bad time to head off the grid.
Great Lakes Graph Puzzle
Don't worry, we're not making you plot points on the board.
LogiCrossword: Great Lakes
Can you fill in the names of the five Great Lakes of North America with NO letters or hints provided?
North American City by Phonetic Name
Pick the North American city when shown its phonetic name.
Picture-Free Flags: North America
Can you identify the North American country flags from their verbal descriptions? (*Read How to Play*)
Hidden Neighbors of Louisiana
Are they hidden, or did they just sink into the bayou?
Three-Word World Capital Match-Up
Match the three parts of the world capital, and match it to the country it is the capital of.
Which 'DE' Country is More Populous?
Can you choose Which 'D'/'E' Country is more populous?
Get the Picture: 'H' Countries
Can you choose which country starting with 'H' fits each clue?
North America Countries and Capitals on a Map
If it's not on a map it's not relevant.
Click the New Jersey Landmark
When given the name of a New Jersey landmark, can you click on the image of that landmark?
North, Central and South America 10-to-1
Match these places to their groups in this sorting gallery.
O Canada (A-Z)
A quiz for those who think they know Canada from "O" to "Thee".
Cover the Alphabet - North American Countries
You wanted more geography quizzes? We've got you covered.
Find 4: Central America
"Oh, honey, look! The tapirs! It says here that the babies lose their pajama-like coat after their first year. Isn't that interesting, honey?"
Continent by Necklace
Pick the necklace which represents the shape of each continent (either fully or partially).
Mystery Phrase Blitz: US Capitals
It's sort of like playing hangman, but with trivia to gain your letters.
10 Most Common Answers: Geography
Can you give the 10 most common answers to the most played classic quiz in each of the Geography Sub-Categories?
US or Canada?
The age old question: mega supersized drinks, or poutine?
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