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Native American US State Names
Time to brush up on your geographical etymology!
Erase the World
Indulge your inner supervillain and erase the planet.
US States Minesweeper
You don't actually have to know anything about US states here.
Countries of North America
There are 23 countries in North America, but only one of them contains Sporcle World Headquarters.
US States Minesweeper VI
Your guess is as good as mine.
US States Minesweeper II
Beware Mine-tana and Mine-sota!
Erase the USA (No Outlines)
There isn't an eraser big enough to erase the USA.
Erase the USA
Who decided that erasers needed to be pink anyway?
Clickable Countries by Continent
If we were still all part of Pangea, this quiz would be a no-brainer.
Find the Countries of North America
You can probably name most North American countries, but can you find them?
Continents by Amount of Ice
If all this ice melted, sea level would rise over 200 feet.
Country by Role in World War II (Part 3)
Pick the countries by their role in World War II.
Click the Country: 'D' Cities
Do you have detailed directions to Düsseldorf?
Islands of Canada by Area
Pick the ten largest islands of Canada in order of area from largest to smallest.
US States Trivia Logic Puzzle
You'll have to know more than just state names to get through this puzzle.
UK vs USA Geography
We thought we settled all this in the war of 1812?
Capitals of North America
In the continuing effort to learn the political geography of the planet, take a shot at the capitals of North America and the Caribbean.
Erase the USA by Capital
It's not kind to capitalize on an absence, but we'll make an exception here
Erase the USA (No Outlines or Skips)
Click each state to completely erase the country in the prompted random order without getting one wrong and without the help of any borders.
Obscure Knowledge - Countries of North America
What's the last North American country you would ever think of?
East of New York (clickable)
Can you pick cities located east of New York City (73°56′W)?
Curaçao by Sporcle Category
Can you choose the correct answer to one Curaçao-related question for each Sporcle category?
Click Your Way Across the USA
This is the most popular road trip the USA has ever seen.
Flags of North America
We finally get to the continent that will probably give us the most identified flag, and I'm guessing it'll be the one with the maple leaf on it.
Most Populous US States Minefield
Every state you go to, there are just Americans everywhere.
Sporcle's Easiest Capitals (Per Continent)
It's so easy a non-Sporcler could do it.
US States by Largest Non-Capital Cities
This should be easy for all those states where the capital is not the largest city.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Geography
If only every test in school were multiple choice...
10 Most Populous Cities: USA
Is it getting a little crowded in here?
Country Capital Minefield: North America
There are some explosive non-capitals in this quiz.
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