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Strongest Link: Movies
Can you remove one Movie as the strongest link for each round and find the loser?
Best Actor Nominations ('90s)
Getting the nomination is like gravy. Winning would be like whatever is better than gravy. --1996 nominee.
Click the Two Word Movies
Two words is sometimes all you need, but not this time. We used more.
10 to 1 Movie Countdown
There's so much violence in movie quizzes these days.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
Word Ladder: 88th Academy Awards
Name the four-letter words in this Oscar-themed ladder.
5-Star Movies II
Who ever heard of a 6-star movie anyway?
Emmy Nominees for Supporting Actor - Comedy (1980- )
Name the Emmy Nominees for Supporting Actor - Comedy (1980- ).
Best Picture Nominee Blanket
We're not so sure it'd be very cozy to hang under a blanket with any of these nominees.
Academy Award Acting Nominees (2000s)
Nominees is a lot different than winners...just ask Leo.
Spielberg Movies by Oscar Nominations
He's shrugging because he has so many awards already.
War Movies
Can you solve this themed crossword puzzle?
Best Picture Nominees A-Z
Though we may not have picked the best picture from the best picture.
Best Picture Nominees of the Last 25 Years
They didn't all win, but isn't it an honor just to be nominated?
Name a Best Picture Nominee Directed by...
It's an honor just to be nominated...11 times.
MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance Nominees
Name the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance Nominees.
Best Picture Winners: 1970s
Some of these movies are almost 50 years old, which is either going to make you feel old or feel young.
Best Picture Winners: 1980s
Can you remember which films took home the hardware?
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors II
Oscars aren't graded on a star scale, but maybe they should be.
Leonardo DiCaprio Losses
Name the movies Leonardo DiCaprio lost the Oscar or Golden Globe for.
Gimme Five: Oscars
Name the five answers to each of these Oscar related questions.
Nine-Time & Ten-Time Oscar Nominees
Match the actors and actress with the nine or ten movies which earned them Oscar nominations.
Famous Fives: Best Picture Nominees
A famous four just doesn't really have that much of a ring to it.
They Didn't Win Best Picture II
We'd like to thank the other nominees for this publish. You're all so deserving and don't worry - your time will come.
Headless Movie Slideshow: Best Picture
Finally, a movie quiz for Ichabod Crane.
Album of the Year Nominees: '90s, '00s, '10s
Milli Vanilli juuust missed the cut.
Best Supporting Actor Nominees 1936-1969
Name the Best Supporting Actor Nominees 1936-1969.
Emmy Nominees for Lead Actor - Drama (1980- )
Name the Emmy Nominees for Lead Actor - Drama (1980- ).
Emmy Nominees for Lead Actor - Comedy (1980- )
Name the Emmy Nominees for Lead Actor - Comedy (1980- ).
Word Ladder: 2014 Best Picture Nominees
Name the words in these themed word ladders.
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