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Pokémon Types
My son has discovered Pokémon...I fear that I am going to have a deep intimate knowledge of all this soon.
Game by Socks
Do video game characters even wear socks?
Criteria Pokémon: Generation I
The answers to this quiz are Onix-pected.
Flags of the World by Nintendo 3DS Skin
Name the Countries of the world according to a Nintendo 3DS skin of their flag.
Click the Real Pokémon
If they aren't real now, let's hope the next generations take inspiration from our decoys.
Grass Pokémon (Gen. 1) (Picture Click)
Can you click the Grass-type Pokémon from the first generation (either purely or as part of a dual-type)?
Missing Word: Nintendo 64 Games (A-Z)
Name the missing word from these Nintendo 64 games.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Gaming
It's all fun and games until you get one wrong.
Rolling Stones Song Titles
Pick the missing word to complete each Rolling Stones song title.
Pokémon Go: Catch 'Em All
We've walked more in the last week than we have all year.
Clickable Generation 1 Pokémon
We all know the 1st generation of Pokemon is really the coolest.
Pokémon Weaknesses with Booby Traps
Pro Tip: Chocolate is not a Pokémon weakness.
Pokémon Types by Any Pokémon (Gen. I)
We think 'Normal' Pokémon are just as special as any other type.
Super Smash Bros.
Even if you haven't played any of these games, if you've played any of Nintendo's other game series, you might be surprised at how well you do.
1-100 Clickable Minefield ( Chinese )
Pick the number 1-100 in order in Chinese.
Color in Pikachu
This quiz is shockingly well done.
The Evolution of Super Mario
When it comes to Mario games, what doesn't kill you makes you smaller.
Pokémon Go Teams
When this whole thing passes, will they rename the app to Pokémon went?
Keep Calm and Play Video Games
Don't know about you, but we find it impossible to keep calm while playing Super Smash Bros.
Which Video Game Is It?
If the only video game you've ever played is Pokemon GO, you're gonna have a bad time.
Super Mario Bros. 1-2
Can you answer the questions below regarding Super Mario Bros. to fill in the canvas?
System Sort: Nintendo
Can you choose which system these Nintendo-made games were originally released on?
Find the Gaming Villains
Usually you have to wait till the end of a game to find the villain.
Badly Drawn Video Game Characters
Note: It was not the game designers who put together these drawings.
Gaming Speed-Picking
They say that speed kills, but if you think about it speed doesn't kill, impact does.
Pokémon Evolutions with the Same First Letter
We remember back in the good old days when there were only 151 Pokémon.
Pokémon Alphabet
Once you've caught every Pokémon, what do you do with your life after that? Retire?
Mega Man's Many Consoles
Pick the gaming console that each of these Mega Man titles debuted on in North America.
Connect the Dots: Video Games
Video game developers use a similar method to create images in their games.
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