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Video Game Keychains
These are just the thing to add a little something to your boring old key ring.
N64 Logic Puzzle
Time to check your N64 collection - this quiz will really make you check your cartridges!
Boo Who!?
Knock knock, who's there? You're in for a scare!
Fire Emblem vs Alcohol
It's time to fight Fire Emblem with Fireball! Don't get caught drunk on the battlefield.
1-2-Switch Mini Games
Now that it's out, it's time to Nintendo Switch on your brain for these mini game titles!
Nintendo Switch Presentation Games (Slideshow)
Switch on your brains for this one, because it's Nintendo's newest lineup!
Females of Nintendo, Part I (Slideshow)
Fierce, fantastic females from Famicom and beyond!
Splatoon Stages by Screenshot (Pic Click)
Where in Inkopolis is Carmen Squidiego?
Kirby Bunker
Buckle down - this is one quiz where it's ok to suck.
Mixed Pixels: Gamecube Games
This is much more fun than picking up all of your scattered game cases.
WarioWare Characters
Ware did you find these crazy characters?
Nintendo Title Word Sorting Blitz
Heroes of Rumble Tumble Galaxy sounds like it would be an equally interesting game, though.
NES Ending Text
Thanks, but your text is in another clickable bubble!
Mario Enemies By Picture
None of these characters have a good side, but we've tried to take good pictures nonetheless.
Nintendo Games by Final Boss
These final foes are the only things standing in your way! Good luck, heroes!
Legend of Zelda: No Showdown with Ganon
Were these games made better for not having the pig-faced brute himself? You decide.
Kid Icarus: Uprising Characters by Picture
It's mostly Greek to me, but you might have a better shot.
Wuhu Island Nintendo Games
A quiz that will get you saying woo hoo for Wuhu!
Super Smash Bros Eyes
Super Stare Brothers - can you match their gaze?
Last Five: Nintendo Franchises
Take five to find some Nintendo newbies.
Wii U Games by Picture
Wii would love U to try and guess these games!
Original Nintendo Games Missing Vowels
If you blank out, try blowing the cartridge.
Nintendo Games by Winter Music
Rug up with some hot cocoa and listen to these arctic anthems!
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