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Pokémon: Eeveelutions by Ability
Can you pick Eevee and its evolutions by the given ability(ies)?
Games by Cufflinks
A great alternative for when your spouse says you're not allowed to wear Master Chief's Spartan suit to the altar.
Mario Kart Wii Tracks
Okey-dokey!! Yahahoo!! Let's-a go!!
Same Spelling, Swahili and Japanese
Name the Same Spelling, Swahili and Japanese.
Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones Characters
Name the Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones Characters.
Zelda Music Medley
There has to be money in an Ocarina Hero game.
All Kirby Bosses
Name the Kirby bosses from every game.
Japanese: Animals
Name the Japanese words for animals.
Zelda Alphabet
For those that spent their childhoods in the land of Hyrule.
Top Selling Nintendo (NES) Games
There was no Grand Theft Auto or Halo, but the Nintendo NES has still managed to sell a few games.
Body Parts in Japanese
Name the Body Parts in Japanese.
Wrestlemania 2000 Characters (N64)
Name the Wrestlemania 2000 Characters (N64).
The Ultimate Mario Kart N64 Quiz
Dust off your N64 and grab some snacks. This is the ULTIMATE Mario Kart 64 quiz.
Donkey Kong Country 2 Levels
Name the levels in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest.
Most Prestiged Fighter Planes in History
Name the Most Prestiged Fighter Planes in History.
Sonic The Hedgehog Zones
Name the Sonic The Hedgehog Zones.
'Ocarina of Time' Dungeons
Someone really needs to start a rock band based around the ocarina.
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Masks
Link probably has enough masks to go to quite a few costume balls now. Lucky guy!
Mario, Sonic, and Zelda Characters
Name the Mario, Sonic, and Zelda Characters.
Super Smash Bros. Grab Bag
Mario can do way more than the average plumber.
Rolling Stone Magazines Top 100 Artists
Name the Rolling Stone Magazines Top 100 Artists.
W.o.W. Outland Zones and instances
Name the World of Warcraft Outland zones and instances.
Philippines Agricultural Products
Name the Philippines' Most Important Agricultural Products.
Pikmin (1-3) Enemies
Name the enemies in Pikmin, Pikmin 2 & Pikmin 3.
Animal Crossing Character Species
When you think of addicting video games, Animal Crossing has to be near the top of the list.
Original NES Games (North America)
19 games were released for the original NES. Can you name them?
Japanese Kanji -- 1st Grade
Name the Japanese Kanji letters usually learned in 1st grade in Japanese elementary school.
Pokémon Locations by 1st-Person View
Name the Kanto or Johto locations from their 1st-person views.
Fire Emblem 8 Sacred Stones Characters
Name the Fire Emblem 8 Sacred Stones Characters.
Nintendo Series by Villains
Nintendo villains: causing carpal tunnel syndrome since 1985.
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