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amiibo Compatible Games
Watch your step, some of those figurines are sharp!
Arms Playable Characters
Don't pull your punches with this one - the people punch back!
Word Ladder: Super Smash Bros. II
Name the three-letter words in this Super Smash Bros. word ladder.
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2017 Games
Name the games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition (2017).
The Evolution of Super Mario
When it comes to Mario games, what doesn't kill you makes you smaller.
Missing Word: GameCube Games (A-Z)
Name the missing word from these GameCube games.
Video Game Character by Tattoo
It takes a similar type of dexterity to handle a controller as it does a tattoo needle.
Quick Pick: Real Pikmin Enemies
Pick the real Pikmin enemies while avoiding the decoys.
Mixed Word: NES Games
It's easy to get mixed up in NES level designs.
Quick Pick: Nintendo Products
Pick the Nintendo products from the oldest to newest.
Super Mario Bros. 1-1
In Super Mario Bros, what doesn't kill you makes you smaller.
Video Game Shoes
Name the video games and game franchises being referenced on each of these custom designed shoes.
Splatoon Characters (Slideshow)
This assortment of aquatic life is ready for some high paced Turf Wars. But who is who?
8 to 1: Video Game Consoles
Pick the consoles that belong to the given generation.
Mario's Games Giant Map
Can you click some places of Mushroom Kingdom?
'i'-Tunes (not what you think)
Name the top 40 song titles by the listed acts where the ONLY VOWEL in the title is 'I'.
Nintendo Females
Name the female Nintendo characters based on their image? .
3-D Gaming
Dungeons, Dragons, and...Duck Hunt?
Is it Really Mario?
Can you determine whether the follow titles are real games featuring Mario or are purely fictitious?
Mixed Up Nintendo Characters
To get a head, you might need some bodies help. What a muddled up mess!
Sonic's or Mario's Enemy?
It's like they say: Any enemy of my enemy is likely a goomba.
Headless Video Game Characters
Not including Mortal Kombat fatalities.
Find the Gaming Villains
Usually you have to wait till the end of a game to find the villain.
Super Mario's Stars
Name the Mario's Games Stars (Character or Item).
Badly Drawn Video Game Characters
Note: It was not the game designers who put together these drawings.
Name the Animal Crossing Non-Villagers
These amazing animals are always happy to provide a helpful hand in your village!
Pick the Mario Kart 8 Tracks
Pick the correct Mario Kart 8 track when given the name.
Pokémon Types by Any Pokémon (Gen. I)
We think 'Normal' Pokémon are just as special as any other type.
Missing Word: Mario Games (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from each of these Mario Games?
Video Game Keychains
These are just the thing to add a little something to your boring old key ring.
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