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Video Game Countdown
Finish the level before time runs out!
Kirby Game or Not?
Pick the real Kirby games without picking a fake one.
Yoshi's Island Level Icons
Can you click on the icon that corresponds to each level name in Yoshi's Island?
System Sort: Nintendo
Nintendo sure has come a long way from making and selling trading cards.
Video Game Autobiographies
Can you click the correct video game character based on the title to the autobiography they may have written?
Breaking Video Game News!
Pixelated mayhem grips the nation - film at 11:00!
Super Mario World Levels (Animated Picture Click)
Can you identify all the courses in Super Mario World?
Wii Accessories
Pick the different Wii accessories.
Missing Word: Nintendo 64 Games A-Z II
Name the missing word from these Nintendo 64 games.
Word Ladder: Mario's Nervous Enemy
Name the 3-letter words in this before and after themed ladder.
Premier League team by Nintendo Badge
Name the Premier League team by a picture of their badge in a Mario Universe version.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Nintendo
Test your skills on this trove of Nintendo knowledge! What goes where?
Pokémon Types by First Pokémon (Gen. I)
If you gotta catch 'em all, why not start with the first?
Gaming Jumbles II
If you can't figure out the anagram, just roll the dice and take your best shot.
Flags of the World by Nintendo 3DS Skin
Name the Countries of the world according to a Nintendo 3DS skin of their flag.
Missing Word: Nintendo 64 Games A-Z
Name the missing words A-Z from the Nintendo 64 games.
The Big Board: Video Games
Having a bad day? Console yourself with this quiz.
'Breath of The Wild' World Regions
We never get tired of climbing another cliff to discover a new shrine.
Weird NES Games - Real or Fake?
Can you determine if these weird games from the Nintendo Entertainment System are real or fake?
Games by Watch
Name the games referenced on these watches.
Super Mario 64 - Odd One Out
Can you choose the answer that doesn't fit the given criteria regarding Super Mario 64?
Find the Mario Party Minigames
There's a generation of Sporclers who are about to be suddenly reminded why they don't play video games with their siblings anymore.
Separated Super NES Games
Can put together the Separated Super NES Games?
Billboard Christmas Numbers Ones
Name the Billboard Christmas number one artists.
Video Game Characters by Christmas List
Pick the Video Game Characters by Christmas List.
Games by Cufflinks
A great alternative for when your spouse says you're not allowed to wear Master Chief's Spartan suit to the altar.
Game by Socks
Do video game characters even wear socks?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Mario
Can you sort the Mario related terms into their categories before time runs out?
Disney on NES
Pick the Disney Video Games that were released on the NES.
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