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The Struggle Is Real - Mario Characters
Name the character from the Mario franchise when given the 'struggle' he or she faced.
Nintendo 64 Accessories
Pick the accessories for the Nintendo 64.
Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games
Name the Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games.
Popular NES Games
Time to strap on your Power Glove.
Super Mario Bros. 2 Reveal
Can you unscramble the names of characters, enemies, and objects from Super Mario Bros. 2 to reveal their images?
Which Zelda Game?
Can you choose the correct Legend of Zelda game?
Link's Awakening Overworld - Keys & Leaves
Good luck finding all the treasures.
Nintendo Character Hodgepodge
Name the Nintendo characters from each group.
Odd Color Out: Pokémon (Gen I)
Can you choose the color that ISN'T present on the given pokemon?
Click a level: Diddy's Kong Quest
Yep! Diddy is everywhere.
4x4 Grid Match: Gaming
Did you Nintend-on clicking that answer?
Super Mario Foes in Order
You've only got one life to get through this level.
Pokémon Versions
It's not Old Pokémon and New Pokémon Versions.
Video Game Setlists
Name the video game character who might have performed each setlist in concert.
Best Selling Nintendo Game Boy Games Of All Time
This is where the Nintendo Game Boy Hall of Famers came from.
The Unwelcome Gaming Guest III
It's easy to feel unwelcome in the lair of a gigantic video game boss.
Video Game Characters New Year's Resolutions
Can you select the video game character based on their New Year's Resolutions?
Let's Make the Nintendo Switch Logo
Let's switch all the negativity to optimism as 2019 arrives!
Japanese Elements Grab-Bag
Type in the answers suggested in these picture clues grouped by classic Japanese elements (rows) and Japanese themes (columns).
NES Games That Start With 'A'
Before this year end, let's just give this quiz 'A' one big finale!
Pokémon Generation I Type Blitz
Can you name any Generation I Pokémon for each type, so that entering a correct answer will trigger every other Pokémon of that type as an answer? Remember, some Pokémon have two types!
Video Game Character Sorting
This Christmas, sort out the characters like your presents under your Christmas tree.
Let's Draw: Pokémon
Can you answer questions about the Pokémon to make Pikachu appear?
4-Letter Mario
Bowser might be shouting some 4-letter words after taking a beating from Mario.
Video Game Franchises Hangman
It's kind of surprising that there aren't that many Hangman video games.
Both Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros. Characters
"Punch it!" means something totally different in these two games.
Who Am I? Clue By Clue - Gaming
Name the video game character from the clues as they are revealed every four seconds? (See How to Play for more details).
Find the Mario Characters
Pick the correct Mario characters.
Missing Hint Letters: Mario Characters
Name the Mario characters described in clues missing the letters of their names.
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