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Super Smash Bros. 64 Character Blitz
Can you select the Super Smash Bros. 64 characters by name as fast as possible?
Pokémon Logic Puzzle: Gen 1
Can you put the Pokémon in the right squares?
Pokémon: Eeveelutions (Picture Click)
Can you pick Eevee and its evolutions in Pokémon?
Pokémon Types
My son has discovered Pokémon...I fear that I am going to have a deep intimate knowledge of all this soon.
Logos Through the Ages: Nintendo
Looks like the logo has leveled-up a few times over the years.
Pokémon Weaknesses with Booby Traps
Pro Tip: Chocolate is not a Pokémon weakness.
Trivia Pyramid: Gaming
Tomb Raider showed us that pyramids and gaming go quite well together.
Super Mario Foes in Order
You've only got one life to get through this level.
Super Smash Bros.
Even if you haven't played any of these games, if you've played any of Nintendo's other game series, you might be surprised at how well you do.
Nintendo Franchises Crossword
Can you fill the crossword with Nintendo franchise titles or words from them given a description of the franchise or the word?
Pokémon: Eeveelution Silhouettes
Let's go Eeveelutions!
DK Rap Lyrics
Name the DK Rap Lyrics.
Criteria Pokémon: Generation I
The answers to this quiz are Onix-pected.
Who's That Pokémon? (Gen. 1)
All you Pokémaniacs should make quick work of this quiz.
Pokémon Go: Catch 'Em All
We've walked more in the last week than we have all year.
It Hat to be You
Match the headgear to the video game character who wears it.
Gotta Catch 'Em All! Pokémon Logic Puzzle: Gen 1
Can you catch all the Pokémon? Read 'How to Play' before you begin!
Find the Mario Kart Items
It's a race to the finish!
Pokémon Types by Any Pokémon (Gen. I)
We think 'Normal' Pokémon are just as special as any other type.
Pokémon Types by Any Pokémon (Gen. II)
It's generation II, so you know this is going to separate the Pokémon masters from the trainers.
Pokémon: Eeveelutions by Type
Can you pick Eevee and its evolutions given their types?
Mario Kart 64 Tracks by Image
Watch out for blue shells!
Game System by Controller
You would probably do better on this quiz if you could feel the controllers as opposed to just looking at a picture.
Color in Pikachu
This quiz is shockingly well done.
Game by Socks
Do video game characters even wear socks?
Video Game Lead Characters
Technically the lead character in a video game is you, just with a weird plumber's outfit and a mustache.
Missing Word: Video Game Subtitles A-Z
Name the A-Z missing words in the subtitles of these video games.
Click the Real Pokémon
If they aren't real now, let's hope the next generations take inspiration from our decoys.
Pokémon: Eeveelution Close Up
Can you pick Eevee and its evolutions from their close-up images?
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