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Big 4 Finals Rematches
Name the two teams (in either order) that played in an MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA championship in consecutive years.
One Big 4 Team States & Provinces
You'd do well to not forget about hockey in this quiz.
NHL Teams
If there isn't a team named the 'Zambonis' in the NHL one day, it will be a shame on all of humanity.
Who Wants To Be A Billionaire (US Sports)
Name the correct answers to become a billionaire.
Big 4 US Sports Teams
We're a tad embarrassed to admit that before Sporcle, our primary way of learning geography was from following different sports teams.
Name the correct sport (NFL,MLB,NBA or NHL) that belongs to the fact.
Four Big 4 Teams States & Provinces
This time, we mean Big 4 literally.
More Than 4 Big 4 Teams
These states just don't know how to share. They must not have had siblings growing up.
Two Big 4 Teams States & Provinces
These states really can't complain; two teams are better than zero.
No Big 4 Teams States & Provinces
People from these places have to drive pretty far for overpriced food and drinks.
Big 4 Consecutive Champions
Sure, winning once is great, but winning twice (or more!) is so much nicer.
NHL States & Provinces
We think Hawaii needs an NHL team.
Big 4 Sports Logos by Letter
The true sports fan knows his or hers ABCs
Big 4 Team Geographic Names
Can the Spokane Sporcles be far away?
4x4 Grid Match: Sports
Match the correct pro sports player corresponding to their league and city they played for.
Alive for Five? (Sports Edition)
Some of these are real stumpers, and some are basic. You be the judge.
This list is like Stars on Ice, but with a stick, a helmet...and less teeth.
Athletes of the 2000s
Out with the old school, in with the new.
Couldn't Win the Big One
Meanwhile, Mariners fans would be happy just to play in the big one.
First Five: Big 4 Champions
Finally, a sports quiz that we'll never have to update.
All Big 4 Teams States & Provinces
Only a well-rounded sports fan will be able to make it through this one unscathed.
Which of the Two... Sports Teams
Two teams face off in each question, and somehow YOU end up with all the points.
NHL 500 Goal Scorers
As you take this quiz, remember that the size of an NHL goal is 72" x 48" and the size of the goalie is...I four times that.
Trading Places: Sports
This is bigger than trades. This is life.
Sports Leagues By Initials
Because no one has time to say all those words.
Most Valuable Sports Franchises
For better or worse, in sports, value is not always tied to success.
NHL All-Time Scorers
Even if you got 10 points for every answer you got right, you still wouldn't make this list.
Big 4 - Inauspicious Head Coaching Starts
Match the coach with their respective first head coaching job in the NFL / NBA / NHL / MLB.
Big 4 Teams Central Time Zone
16 years ago the Winnipeg Jets would have been on here...alas no more.
NHL Close-Up Logos
Careful though. Get too close and you might just lose a tooth.
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