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20 Most-Viewed Programs on ESPN
Can you name either team who played in the 20 most-viewed programs on ESPN?
Drafted Quarterbacks Five Years Later
Can you determine whether each quarterback, five years after his selection in the draft, was still on the team that drafted him, on a different team, or out of the NFL?
Championship Cities of the 1990s
When you're in one of these cities you have to sing "We Are the Champions" as loud as possible.
The Unwelcome Team Member IX
Can you find the decoy when given the name of a Big 4 team?
Sporting Nicknames - Old Timers
If "Old Timer" is your nickname, it might be time to retire.
Ursine Big 4 Teams
We're not sure if these teams would win any fights against real bears though.
NFL Most Touchdown Passes by a Rookie
Can you name NFL Players who had at least 15 TD passes as a rookie?
Hidden Answers: NFL Teams
Can you find the missing word from these NFL teams? You can't see the answers, but they are in alphabetical order.
Get the Picture: Big 4 'E' All-Stars
Can you choose the correct Big 4 league for the given player?
Games Called Football
Can you pick which 'football' variant is which?
100+ Receptions (New Orleans Saints)
Drew Brees throws it, these guys catch it.
Any NFL Team Besides the Panthers
Don't tell the big cats we're excluding them, panthers are quite dangerous.
#13 Athletes
It's hard to say 13 is unlucky when you look at the careers some of these athletes had.
LogiCrossword: NFC Teams
Can you fill in the names of the NFL's NFC teams with no hints? (one name contains two numbers)
First 10 Champions
Apparently, a mustache and tie was required to play baseball back then.
Sports Stars By Funko! (Part One)
Can you identify the sports star by their Funko figures?
Super Bowl Runners-Up
Name the losers of the Super Bowl.
Cowboys or Indians?
Are these players NFL Dallas Cowboys or MLB Cleveland Indians?*
2018 NFL All Pros
Name the members of the Associated Press's 2018 All Pro Team.
Quick Pick: 'P' Athletes
Match the athlete to the team they played the most games for.
Tom Brady's Playoff Opponents
Select the teams Tom Brady has faced as a starter in a playoff game.
NFL Teams Not Containing 'E'
We suggest that you don't try "Eagles" - but after that, you're on your own.
Most Super Bowl Wins to Least Minefield
Pick the teams that have won the most Super Bowls to teams that have won the least, in order, without making a mistake.
Presidential Medal of Freedom Athletes
Seems like an NFL linebacker would be a good choice for Secretary of Defense.
5 to 1: Animal Mascots
Mascots are kind of like emotional support animals for fans.
Definitive NFL Team Names
Complete the NFL team names by matching the city to the definition of its missing second word.
21st C. Championship or Not?
Can you correctly determine whether each of these cities has won a Big 4 sports championship in the 21st Century or not?
Get the Picture: Big 4 'D' All-Stars
Can you choose the correct Big 4 league for the given player?
NFL Top 150 Playoff WR's by 1st name
Name the 150 NFL/AFL players who have the most playoff receiving yards since 1970 given their first name and team as hints? The team is usually the 1st team the player had a receiving yard for in the playoffs..
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