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NFL Passing Leaders by Draft Year
JaMarcus Russell is mysteriously absent.
Pro Sports Teams Ending in -ERS
I am surprised no one tried going with 'Winners' as a team name, c'mon, where is the power of positive thinking?
'U' Game
In this case, 'U' can touch this.
NFL Most 300-Yard Passing Games by Team
This quiz makes you realize that the Lions should have probably just started Barry Sanders at QB.
Big 4 Teams by Number of Letters
You have to keep things concise, otherwise you might not make any money on jersey sales.
4 NFL Teams, 1 Thing in Common
At least they all have the football in common.
2018 NFL Opening Day Quarterbacks
How high is your completion percentage?
Least Successful of the Three
Tickets for games in these cities are probably pretty cheap.
Any NFL Team Besides the Saints
Saint nobody got time for this team.
NFL Super Bowl Winning Coaches
As we learned again this year, winning a Super Bowl or two doesn't guarantee a job forever.
NFL Top 100: Most Top 10's
Sometimes the NFL is a popularity contest.
A Decade of Sports (1960s)
The 1960s were a good decade for sports dynasties.
Big 4 Teams Venn Diagram II
The ball is in your court now.
Begins and Ends: Big 4 Teams
Every game has a beginning and an end.
NFL 100 TD Players by Image
These guys sure know how to find the end zone.
NFL Teams by Entire Season QB
It's shocking that some of these QBs lasted an entire season.
Athletes of the 2010s
Name these baseball, American football, basketball, hockey, golf, and tennis players who were all active in the 2010s.
Athletes of the 2000s
Out with the old school, in with the new.
Sports Teams 7-to-1
If you think the Lakers are a baseball team, you're way off-base.
NFL Rushing 10,000 Yards, 80 TDs
Man, what a rush to rack up stats like these!
NFL Passing Leaders Bonanza
We're not sure how these players would react to their achievements being referred to as a 'bonanza.'
NFL Career Ranking Showdown
It pains us to think that Johnny Manziel may never be statistically significant enough to be on a quiz like this.
NFL 2000+ Rushing Yards (Season)
No one cares about your fantasy team, unless you have one of these guys on it.
NFL First QB Drafted by Year
You can never go wrong taking a quarterback early in the draft...well almost never.
Alive for Five? (Sports Edition)
Some of these are real stumpers, and some are basic. You be the judge.
NFL 1000 Yard Rushers (2000s)
I thought that players from Moscow would dominate this, after all they are rushin!
NFL Playoff Passing Leaders
We'll save you some time: No Cleveland Browns made the list.
NFL Chain Game 2
Pick the correct answers in this second NFL chain game.
Big 4 Most Recent Playoff Teams
Cubs fans should probably just ignore this quiz.
Big 4 Teams Pacific Time Zone
Raise your hand if you think Tijuana really needs an NFL team.
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