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Find Five: Sports Teams
With all the high fives athletes give each other, we're surprised that their hands aren't permanently bruised.
NFL Same Last Name Trios
We're disappointed that we couldn't include 'Ochocinco' in this quiz.
Two Big 4 Teams States & Provinces
These states really can't complain; two teams are better than zero.
Find the US States Without NFL Teams
Can you find the US states that don't have any NFL teams? (Read Note)
The Big Board: NFL
We trust this big board more than Mel Kiper's.
Seven Letter Sport A-Z
Name the seven-letter sport answers.
Sports Puns II
Always good for a laugh.
Leap Over Him!
These athletes have come on leaps and bounds!
NFL 10,000 Receiving Yards, 80 TDs
These players really know how to go the whole 10,000 yards.
Big 4 Logos Collage
We're waiting for some team to adopt this collage as their new logo.
NFL #1 Draft Picks (2000s)
If you ever feel bad for a draft bust, just remember that he signed a multimillion dollar contract.
NFL Quarterbacks: 100 Starts, One Team
No, Vinny Testaverde is not present here.
Big 4 Athletes in the 'Wrong' Uniforms II
In our 10 years, we've never seen anything so wrong.
Sport by Numbers II
Sports aren't known for having much math in them, but this quiz proves otherwise.
Just the Red: Sports Logos
This quiz will have you seeing red.
Super Bowl LI (Patriots vs. Falcons)
One Quarterback seeks to win more Super Bowls than any other QB in history, while the other seeks to prove himself for the first time. Best of luck to both!
Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady
How well do you know the stars of stars of Super Bowl LI?
Pro Football Hall of Famer: Morten Andersen
Kickers are people too! Why not play this quiz about the greatest kicker that ever lived?
Multiple Choice Super Bowl Winners
Why couldn't Cam Newton eat his cereal? Because he lost the bowl.
Big 4 Teams with 'W'
Some of these teams have a lot more Ls than Ws.
Sports Teams by Cake II
Disappointed your team isn't playing in the Super Bowl? Here's your chance to eat away your sorrows.
New England Patriots' Super Bowl Opponents
You Belichick yourself before you wreck yourself!
Super Bowl Primacy Click
Can you click on the helmets of the NFL teams in the order in which they first won a Super Bowl?
Football Referee or Judge?
The attorney has declined to prosecute...and will defend the north goal!
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Sports
Even if you don't know sports, you still have a 1-in-4 chance of kicking a grand slam!
Coaches Who Have Won and Lost a Super Bowl
Name the head coaches who have won and lost a Super Bowl.
Super Bowl Quarterback Colleges
It's back to school time for these quarterbacks.
NFL Nicknames (Multiple Choice)
Ah, yes, my favorite team: the Tampa Bay Ninjas.
Any MVP by NFL Team
Might have to add the Falcons to this quiz next Saturday.
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