NFL Quizzes

Word Ladder: Not a Dallas Star
I may not be a Cowboys fan, but I know I good quiz when I see one.
Big 4 Sports Quartets
We like sports and we don't care who knows.
NFL Starting QBs (2016)
We're surprised that the Browns only had to use 3 starting QBs this season.
NFL: Top 10 Winningest QB by Franchise (NFC)
This is the NFC? Looks like I can't make a joke about the Browns this time.
Big 4 Never Made Championship Game
Maybe the Yankees and Steelers can share some of their trips?
NFL Fantasy Football Perfect Lineup 2016
Maybe if I picked these teams by fantasy season would have gone better.
Last 5 Playoff QBs for Each NFL Team
It looks like we'll be updating the names of some of these teams way more than others.
NFL Playoff Passing Leaders
We'll save you some time: No Cleveland Browns made the list.
NFL Top QB by Passer Rating per Year
How could you pass on a top-rated quiz like this?
First and Last 5 (Sports)
You probably weren't around, but the 1904 World Series was cancelled because one team refused to play.
Criteria NFL RBs
It ain't easy to make a successful career running away from defensive linemen.
Big 4 Teams with 'V'
'V' may be 22nd in the alphabet, but it's number one in our hearts.
Ravens Vs. Steelers Yardage Leaders
Take this quiz to prepare for Sunday night's big game.
Different First and Last Letter: NFL Teams
We're expecting the Ironcows to clean up in the playoffs for 2017.
NFL Teams by Last 5 Playoff Games
Meanwhile, one team has yet to make the playoffs this millennium.
Big 4 Teams by Mug
How is marshmallow/hot chocolate basketball not a professional sport yet?
Lombardi's Packers
The best years to be a Cheesehead.
Not Vinny Testaverde Teams
We're surprised this quiz exists. We thought he played for all 32 teams.
Athletes by Initials/Initial-Based Nicknames
Short, sweet, and simple, right? But how many can you really get?
NFL Players By Hurdling
Might as well jump!
Which Teams Did He Play For? (NFL QB's)
You're lucky we didn't include Vinny Testaverde in this quiz.
Detroit Lions Logo Paint
Let's have a belated Thanksgiving celebration by playing a quiz about the NFL's most lovable losers.
Which Big Four Minefield (Blitz)
If you think this can't be done in under two minutes, consider that Sporcler El_Dandy did it with 10 seconds to spare.
Technically Correct Sports Team Names
Team names, not player names. Don't worry, we're not going to ask you to correctly spell 'Zydrunas Ilgauskas.'
NFL Alma Maters
Just think back to all those times you've watched the Sunday Night Football player introductions.
NFL Top Receiving Tight Ends
These are the guys you want on your fantasy football team. Unless they are retired. Then you probably don't.
Thanksgiving A to Z
Learn some factoids to impress your distant cousins at Thanksgiving dinner!
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