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What does CNN stand for?
Name the What does CNN stand for.
Which Show? Sitcom Characters
Pro tip: Seinfeld wasn't in How I Met Your Mother.
TV Network Logos
September is season premiere month so these logos should be fresh in your mind.
TV's Greatest Hits: The Top 100 Series
Brace yourself, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Cop Rock aren’t on the list.
'90s Nickelodeon Show by Image
Move it football head!
Which Show is a Spinoff?
Stay tuned for 'Sporcle: The Early Years.'
'90s TV Theme Songs
This quiz just goes to show that the quality of the show can be directly tied to the jauntiness of its theme.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Television
Can you sort the 100 Television items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Television II
We were going to make a TV controller joke, but it wasn't remotely funny.
Blackboard Blitz: TV Networks
School is in session.
2016 Emmy-Nominated Series
So Sporclers, which shows deserve a win?
Odd One Out: TV Actors
One of these people doesn't belong...we'll let you deliver the bad news.
Orange is the New Black Crime Stories
Pick the Orange is the New Black characters by the story of the crimes that got them arrested/in prison.
Click an ABC Show (2000s)
ABC, easy as 1-2-3.
Which Show? Workplace Sitcoms
'You need to play to win. But you also need to win to play.' - Michael Scott
Which Show? Cartoon Guys
A whole lot of dysfunction here.
'A Storm of Swords' Map (ASoIaF)
Can you derive all the names of 'A Storm of Swords' characters in this mathematically generated social network of relationships?
Quick Pick: TV Network by Show
Pick the TV Network which has/had these shows.
Highest Rated Shows (1950-2015)
There was much less reality in the '50s.
You better do well, or you'll hear about it from the affiliates.
Name the Network II
You know you have it bad when you've checked all these channels and Netflix and there's still nothing on.
The Big Bang Theory Vehicles [Picture Click]
Find the The Big Bang Theory Vehicles in the picture below.
Click an NBC Show (2000s)
Donald Trump calls himself the 'King of Debt,' but Michael Scott is definitely the 'King of Bankruptcy.'
Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest TV Shows
We thought Rolling Stone was supposed to be about music, not TV.
Which Show? Sitcom Characters II
See, sometimes responding to an ad in Craigslist works out to be a quirky situation worthy of seven seasons.
WWE PPV Main Events: 2010s Part I
Name the participants in every WWE PPV/Network special main event of the 2010s.
Quick Pick: HBO TV Shows
Pick the missing word in the title of these HBO shows.
Quick Pick: Netflix Originals
Pick the missing word from the following Netflix Original shows, films, and documentaries.
'The Walking Dead' Deaths: 5-Star Spoilers
Spoilers ahead! Can you click five characters from each season of 'The Walking Dead' who died in that season? (See How to Play.)
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