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Letter 'C' Hall of Famers
Pick the league in which the following Hall of Famers participated.
NBA Players From Southern Hemisphere
Pick the NBA players who were born in the Southern Hemisphere.
NBA 2017-18 Active 5,000 pts - (1 team)
Name the twenty-five (25) players who had 5,000 or more career points playing for only ONE NBA franchise up to the end of the 2017-18 season.
NBA: Rosters with the Most Career Points
Name the teams whose roster combined for the most career points.
NBA Career Point Leaders (by 2nd team)
Using each NBA team only once as a player's 2nd team, can you identify the top thirty (30) career scorers for this list given their second team?
NBA 40+ more points than 1st game
Name the NBA players who scored at least 50 points for any given franchise and their career high with that franchise was at least 40 points higher than their first game they played with them.
NBA Draft Vowel Ending
For each NBA Draft pick between #1 and #30, can you name the player with the most career points scored whose last name ENDS with a vowel?
NBA: Led League in Multiple Categories
Name the NBA players who led the league in multiple fantasy categories (PTS, REB, AST, BLK, STL, 3P, FT%, FG%).
NBA 4-letter last name by team
For each NBA Franchise, can you name the player with the most career points whose last name is four letters in length?
Active NBA Players Top 10 Franchise Stats
Name the Active NBA Players Top 10 Franchise Stats.
NBA Top 10 Single Season Scorers Since 2000 per Team
Name the Top 10 NBA Single Season Scorers Since 2000 per Team.
NBA 5 states, 5 players, 2000 points
There are five states that have had at least five NBA Players score 2,000 points in a single season that went to a college located in their state. Can you name the top five highest single season scoring players from these five states?
Find the Various Missing Things in Big 4 Teams
Can you click on the correct picture that completes each Big 4 US sports team?
Athletes Turned Broadcaster
Name the broadcasters who are former athletes.
NBA 40 pts FOR and AGAINST
Since the 1963-64 NBA season, can you name the forty-two (42) players how have scored 40 points in a single game FOR and AGAINST the same team?
Multi-Category Blitz: NBA II
Can you sort these NBA related terms into the correct milestone categories before time runs out?
NCAA Nickname by Animal Click 2
Can you click the correct animal when given the NCAA team that uses the animal as a mascot?
Alliterative Big 4 Finals
Name the pairs of NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams whose nicknames begin with the same letter and who have met in their respective championship.
NBA Scorers on New Year's Day (1995-2010)
Name the top NBA Scorers on New Year's Day (1995-2010).
NBA Most Playoff Points, Games 1-3
Since the 1980 NBA playoffs, can you name the top five players who scored the most points in their team's first three games of that given playoff year?
NBA Clutch Time Performers (FGM)
Name the Top 10 NBA Players who made the most FG's in the 4TH/OT with 5 MINUTES REMAINING within TEN POINTS for each season since the 2006-2007 season.
NBA Finals Game Top Scorers - 1990s
Name the top scorer in every NBA Finals game in the 1990s.
Big 4 Sports Venue Types
Name the different types/synonyms for venues where the Big 4 teams play. SEE GAME NOTE for further clarification..
Big League Birds
Name the team that have Bird Names
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