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Los Angeles Logos
Name the logos from teams in Los Angeles.
NBA: 20.0 per game (REB + AST + STL + BLK)
Since the 1973-74 NBA season, can you name the players whose rebounds, assists, steals and blocks per game averages totaled 20.0 per game or better?
Big 4 Teams with 3 Words in the Name
Name the Big 4 Teams with 3 Words in the Name.
NCAA Final Four -> NBA Draft
Name the players who reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four and then were drafted in the NBA Draft that same year since 2000.
NBA Trivia Bunker
It's like the road to the Finals, only harder.
Get the Picture: Big 4 'B' All-Stars
Can you choose the correct Big 4 league for the given player?
2018: The Year in Sports
Name the winners of each 2018 Sports event.
NBA's Biggest Rivalry (Points)
Name the high scorer in every NBA Finals game between the Celtics and the Lakers? .
Big 4 Champions ('70s & '80s)
They are the champions, my friends.
Word Ladder: Utah Jazz
Complete this Utah Jazz themed word ladder with four-letter words.
90% FT for any 5-year period
Name the NBA players who shot 90% or better from the free throw line for any five year period during their career.
*ALMOST* an NBA Team
Pick the words that are names of current NBA teams with EXACTLY ONE LETTER CHANGED and the rest is the same.
Colleges of NBA Players II (Select the State)
Can you select which state the NBA player played their college basketball in?
Obscure Knowledge - NBA Teams
You only get one guess, but you can play as many times as you like.
NBA Leading Scorer On The Last 300 Playoff Game Days
Name the NBA Leading Scorer On The Last 300 Playoff Game Days.
US Olympic Basketball Leaders
The Dream Team definitely racked up some stats in those lopsided early rounds.
NBA Players Rainbow
Surprisingly, you won't find former Bucks guard Michael Redd in this quiz.
Big 4 sports champs of the 1980s
Pick the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL teams that won the following championships during the 1980s.
NBA 100% 3-point ladders
Name the NBA players with the most games shooting 100% from 3-point while making exactly the number of shots shown.
NBA: Before and After
Some of the combos have actually worked well on the court!
#10 Athletes
With these athletes playing, the games are always tens.
Every NBA 7-Footer
Good luck taking a selfie with those guys.
NBA Franchise Best Teams Starting Fives
Name the players with most starts for each NBA franchise's best regular season teams.
Valentines Teams
Name the Big 4 Teams whose names begin with the letters of Valentines.
Get the Picture: Jordan, Magic, or Bird?
Can you choose whether each question applies to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird?
Sporcle's Easiest NBA (per Letter)
Easier said than done.
NBA Top Playoff Scorers by Team (2010s)
These guys know how to bring it when it counts.
Get the Picture: Big 4 'A' All-Stars
Can you choose the correct Big 4 league for the given player?
100 Greatest: NBA Players (See Game Note)
Name the 100 Greatest NBA Players.
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