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Find the 'O', 'Q', 'Y' and 'Z' Countries
It's a shame proper nouns won't help your Scrabble score.
Hide Africa's Flags
Can you find all national flags of Africa and 'hide' them?
CO₂ Producing Countries (Map)
Can you find the top twenty CO₂-producing countries of the world?
'E' British history
Pick the correct answer to these questions about British history that all begin with 'E'.
Intersecting Trivia: History
It's like you're playing Scrabble, but someone tries to play a proper noun on almost every turn.
Founding Fathers Blitz
Who's your daddy?
National Days
Can you fill the countries, based on their National Days?
Women in the Military
Name the countries by the women in their military.
Every country that has ever hosted an F1 Grand Prix
Can you name all the countries that have ever hosted an F1 GP?
Clickable Countries by Unique Fact: Oceania
Using unique facts about each country, can you identify all the countries of Oceania?
Official Languages UN
An official crossword.
7-to-1 British History
Pick the correct figures from British history? (7-to-1).
Civil Unrest
Pick the modern day U.S. state in which the following episodes of civil unrest occurred.
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
Pick the (historical) events that celebrated their anniversary in 2018.
Criteria Sorting Gallery: AMERICANA
As if criteria quizzes weren't hard enough... Can you do this 6 to 1 sorting gallery of ever shrinking Criteria Quizzes all about American topics? (see How to Play)
May Day...but not Labor Day
Pick the countries that don't celebrate Labor Day on May 1 (International Workers' Day) whilst avoiding the ones that do.
Intersecting Trivia: Language
Linguistic ups and downs.
Black the Block: History
Just don't use a sharpie on your computer screen to fill in the blocks.
Hide Oceania's Flags, no Skips
Can you find all national flags of Oceania, without skipping any, and 'hide' them?
South African Provinces Picture Click
Pick the provinces of South Africa when prompted.
Blackboard Blitz: US Civil War Battles
Hopefully the chalk dust doesn't make anybody cough.
Find the 'J' Countries
Get ready for this jeography quiz.
Spain by Decade
Can you name whether each historical event of Spain occurred in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, or 2010s?
Alphabetical Jumbles: Presidents
For each set of Presidents of the United States, can you select the one that comes first alphabetically when the letters are unscrambled into their proper order?
Get the Picture: WWII Theaters
Pick the theater in which these World War II battles and campaigns were fought.
► Celebrating Diversity: Romani People
Finish the Romani flag by answering these questions about Romani people.
Globetrotting MCU
It's time to save the world.
Missing Word: Famous Scottish Things A-Z
Can you provide the missing words in the names of these famous Scottish things?
Sunni Islam Country Click
Can you click on all of the countries that are at least 50% Sunni?
Logic Around the World
Click the country that meets all criteria presented: Every time you complete an answer, a hint for the next country to find will appear ABOVE the map. Meanwhile, a new rule will ALSO appear BELOW the map which will remain in effect from that point on.
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