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Click the Capitals Ending With Vowels (Picture Click)
Can you click the world capitals ending with a vowel?
'U' American History
Can you answer the American history questions whose answers all begin with U?
Quick Pick: Oscar Demonyms
It's like the Oscars are going international!
Communist Country/Republic by Emblem
Name the communist country or constituent republic at the time it used each given national emblem.
Paint the Sydney Opera House
Answer various questions about the Sydney Opera House and its structure will appear on the canvas below.
Baseball: A 'National Pastime'
Complete the hints below each of these slides exploring the historical notion of Baseball as America’s “National Pastime”? Please see the How to Play notes..
United States of Landmarks
Pick the correct landmark when given a sentence about its history.
Historical Brits by nicknames
Pick the correct Brit by their nickname or sobriquet etc.
Latin American country by Historic Event
Pick the Latin American countries where each one of these historical events ocurred.
Name a 21st Century Leader from...
Who run the world? These people.
Former Countries by Continent (Clickable)
Pick the continent in which each one of these former countries was located.
What Country Did I Lead? 2 (Map Click)
Match the historical leaders to the country that they led.
Find the 'A' Countries
No, Canada doesn't count.
Islamic Country Click
Can you click on all of the countries that are at least 50% Muslim?
Find the Stone Mountain Figures
Pick the Stone Mountain figures when prompted.
Born in the USA? II
Are you thinking of playing this quiz? JUST DO IT!
The UK in the 20th Century: 1938
Name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1938.
Italian Region Picture Click
Pick the Italian regions when prompted.
Build a Mosaic of France
Can you answer the following trivia questions and make a colorful mosaic of mainland France?
Find the Countries of the World
Good luck, you have about 4 pixels where you can click on those tiny islands.
US States by Third Largest Cities
These cities are tired of always being the third wheel.
Premier League Nationalities: Europe
Just a well-spirited game about the game of footy.
10 to 1 Shooting Gallery Ancient Greece
Pick the words that correspond to each Ancient Greek category.
Independence from the United States
Name the countries that gained independence from the United States.
Find the Countries by their Former Name II (Pic Click)
Can you find the countries when given a name by which they were formerly known?
A Million Times for Prime Minister
Popularity comes and goes, but vote counts are forever.
United States of Television
Some states just hog all the good shows.
Click the Test Cricket Teams (Picture Click)
Pick the geographic entities* that hold Test cricket status.
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