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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest
They need to make a Stan Lee movie where all the superheros make cameos.
Characters Reading in Movies II
It seems like it would be really hard to read in the movies - they keep the theater lights so dim.
2010 Movies by Poster
This quiz might have the least amount of sequels that we've seen in a poster quiz. Give 2010 a medal for originality!
TV to Movie Match-Up
Match-up? More like M*A*S*H-up.
Finish the Movie with a Movie
We're assembling a sequel timeline.
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word IV
For some of these films, a missing word is the least of their problems.
2012 Movies by Poster
We can't believe it's been four years since these movies hit the big screen.
Hide Your 'I' Movies
Isn't there a little bit of Iron Man in all of us?
2014 Movies by Poster
Some great movies came out in 2014, but every year is bound to have a couple of duds.
2011 Movies by Poster
This quiz is a lot like watching 20 movie trailers all at once, but without the inevitable migraine.
Finish the Movie with a TV Show
Pick the TV show that completes the name of each movie.
Finish the Movie with a Movie II
Pick the movie that completes the name of each movie.
2013 Movies by Poster
This quiz takes us back to a different time. A time when we could still make jokes about Leo not having any Oscars.
2009 Movies by Poster
When the highest grossing movie ever comes out in the same year as yours, you should just feel lucky to be on the same list.
Spot the Disney Film
Can you choose the films from the Disney Animated Canon?
Movies Missing a Bird
Some of these movies aren't even about birds in any way, shape, or form.
2008 Movies by Poster
It seems like every movie in 2008 was either a bromantic comedy or a superhero movie.
Plane, Train, or Automobile
If only Uber had existed in 1987.
2007 Movies by Poster
These movies turn 10 years old this year, but it seems like we just saw them in theaters yesterday.
'The' Movies by Poster
If you're going to play one movie poster quiz, this is 'the' one.
'The' Movies by Poster II
Don't count 'The' out, it's always ready to come back for a sequel.
Father and Son Movies
Name these movies from the father and son images.
Movie Posters
At one point we had taken to wallpapering our house with movie posters, since marriage these are now relegated to the garage.
2010s Movies A-Z III
Also known as, "have you kept up with movies lately?"
Pixar Movies
Good luck spelling the one with the cooking rat!
Movie Fields
Some of these movies just come out of left field.
Movies At the Movies
Maybe these movie characters are watching themselves onscreen. Mind blown.
Marvel Comic Movies
It won't be long before some not-so-well known Marvel characters are turned into movies, like the amazing adventures of Sporcle Boy!!
Alien Invasion Movies
Name the movies shown in these images that all share a common theme.
2015 Movies by Poster
If you haven't gotten around to watching these yet, this is your reminder.
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