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Hide Your 'A' Movies
What an awesome array of movies.
Movies Bunker II
We're gonna need a bigger bunker.
Movies: Click Before the Colon
Don't tell me where to click, I'll do what I want!
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest
They need to make a Stan Lee movie where all the superheros make cameos.
Hide Your '#' Movies
1, 2, 3, hide the DVD.
Hide Your 'G' Movies
Gee, where will you conceal all of these?
Hide Your 'B' Movies
Some of these 'B' movies appear to be 'A' movies after all...
Hide Your 'C' Movies
Come 'C' these movies!
Hide Your 'F' Movies
Score for the subject "Hiding Movies": F!
Hide Your 'D' Movies
Quickly D-cide which movie to hide next.
Hide Your 'E' Movies
'E'ven these movies need a safe space.
Comedies of the Last 25 Years II
We're gunna need you to go ahead and play this quiz....
Hide Your 'H' Movies
This quiz is tha (H-) bomb!
Hide Your 'I' Movies
Isn't there a little bit of Iron Man in all of us?
Hide Your 'M' Movies
This mission shouldn't be impossible, so have at it.
It'd Have Been a Shorter Movie If... The Trilogy
The movie's over already? But we just got our popcorn.
Hide Your 'J' Movies
Join us on our quest to conceal all of these jolly good films.
Hide Your 'L' Movies
Let's not linger and tuck 'em away!
Hide Your 'K' Movies
Knowing how to retrieve them once hidden, is key.
Movie by Posthumous Role
Name these movies by a photo of an actor who appeared in them posthumously.
Progressively Harder Movie Posters
If this were an Album Covers quiz, we would have started with the White Album and finished with Dark Side of the Moon.
50 Flicks to Click (2015)
2015 was a generally good year for movies...with a few exceptions.
Movie Time
Some movies feel like they go on forever, but eventually they all end.
Movie Posters
At one point we had taken to wallpapering our house with movie posters, since marriage these are now relegated to the garage.
Click Me Five: Movies
Watch a lot of movies and you'll start to see some patterns.
Movies Bunker III
As long as you don't stop turning the mystery crank, everything is going to be okay.
Pixar Movies: Oldest to Newest
The first Pixar film was released in 1995. Back then, we thought office lamps were just boring pieces of furniture.
Ruined By A Letter: Movies (2000s)
There are a lot of things that can ruin a movie.
Marvel Comic Movies
It won't be long before some not-so-well known Marvel characters are turned into movies, like the amazing adventures of Sporcle Boy!!
Comedies of the Last 25 Years
Here at Sporcle we're still trying to make 'fetch' happen.
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