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MAD About Movies
These movies had some last minute casting changes.
Movies A-Z by Picture: Musicals
Match the musical movie title to the picture of a scene from that movie.
Entertaining Middle A
Technically 'A' comes at the very beginning.
Missing Word: Christopher Lee
Name the missing words from the following films that featured Christopher Lee.
Movies to Song to Band
We're making transitions between media forms today.
Same Word, Different Movies XII
The words are crossing over, which means there has to be a new cinematic universe.
Scattered Pictures: 2018
When you really think about it, movies are just pictures that move really fast.
Harrison Ford Films by Image
You can't have help here. You'll have to take this quiz Solo.
Missing Word: 'To' Movie Starters
Name the words missing from movie titles starting with 'To'.
Mystery Hitchcock Movie
How well do you know your Hitchcock movies?
Missing Word: Movies Released in July
Name the missing word from these movies released in July.
Child Stars: Jodie Foster or Tatum O'Neal?
Did these films feature Jodie Foster or Tatum O'Neal?
Jurassic Park-ified Movie Posters
What kind of dinosaurs are these?
Hide Your 'J' Movies
Join us on our quest to conceal all of these jolly good films.
Movie by Bird's Eye Shot
Don't look down!
The 'J' and 'K' Movies
We totally aced this quiz. J/K, we actually missed a bunch.
Missing Word: John C. Reilly
Name the words missing from these John C. Reilly movie titles.
Cry, Die, Fly or Lie Movies
If you do poorly, don't cry!
Tom Hanks Films by Criteria
Hanks for the memories.
4 Decades of Movie Actors
Was this movie just made? Or was it in the 1980s?
Movie Word Quintets XIX
Are you ready to give us five?
'American' Movies
Do you recognize these American movies?
Art In Movies
A film is just a painting. With explosions.
Bad Movies by Description
Sometimes they're so bad, they're kinda good.
Letter Sudoku - Marvel Superhero
Can you fill in the Letter Sudoku with this Marvel superhero?
Fightin' in the Rain
You can also do it while singin' in the rain.
One-Syllable Movies II
Sometimes it's best to keep it simple.
Spider-Man by IMDB Description
So many spider bites!
Movies by Pilots
Match the movie titles with the pilots.
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