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Dreamworks Animation by Tagline
Just be glad we didn't put all the Shrek movies in here.
Finish the Movie Title VIII
Wait, don't spoil the ending!
Finish the Movie Title VII
Why do all body swap movies completely brush off the horror of randomly waking up as someone else?
Missing Word Crossword: Best Picture Winners
Can you fill in the crossword with words taken from the titles of Best Picture winners?
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! XVIII (Slideshow)
Name the movie from 8 scenes sliced together.
MCU Sorting Gallery
Can you put the terms in the correct group in this MCU-themed sorting gallery?
Top 25 Baby Names in Movies: Girls
Pick the missing top 25 US girls names in the last 100 years from these movie titles.
'And' or 'In'?
Are you in? Or are you and? Wait...
10 to 1: Pixar Characters
Can you pick the right Pixar characters?
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VI
Movies are always better when you watch 8 scenes at once.
50 Flicks to Click (1969)
We're walking here!
Jurassic Park Scenes in Order
Are you smarter than a velociraptor?
First Names in Movies?
But can these first names actually act?
Stephen King Movies by Picture
'Get busy living, or get busy dying.'
Movie Titles by Antonyms
Who is up for taking in a double feature of Unblemishedbutt and The Satanmother?
Lousy Descriptions of Tom Hanks Movies
Somehow I don't think that these descriptions are how these movies are pitched to the movie executives.
Disney/Pixar Villain Match
We've never seen a more wretched hive of clicks and villainy.
Apocalypse Movies by Picture
Apparently, things do not get better after an apocalypse.
Movie Posters VII
All the feel of a movie theater lobby, without that popcorn smell.
Movie Posters VI
Why don't they just start making the posters in 3D too?
MCU Subtitles
We're still holding out hope for Avengers: Age of Sporcle.
Close-Up Disney Movie Posters
This is for all you out there who like sitting in the front row at the movies.
Close-Up Pixar Movie Posters
Let's get up close and personal with some posters.
Mystery Movie Puzzle
You may need to bring out your inner Inspector Clouseau.
Quick Pick: 2000 Best Picture Nominees
Pick the films that were nominated for Best Picture at the 73rd Academy Awards.
Quick Pick: 2012 Best Picture Nominees
Pick the films that were nominated for Best Picture at the 85th Academy Awards.
Horror Movies of the Last 25 Years
Our apologies if this quiz makes you scream.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VIII
You want a piece of these films?
Animated Movies of the Last 25 Years
It's pretty clear computer animation has improved over the last 25 years.
Invisible Pixar Movies
Pixar movies are too colorful to ever truly be invisible.
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