Movie Titles Quizzes

The 'P' Movies
We're on a pursuit of 'P' movie perfection.
24 Brown Movie Posters
Brown may not be a super popular color, but it does the job.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VII
A further dissection of these scenes may be required.
Everyone's a Critic (AFI Top 100)
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but that doesn't mean those opinions are necessarily good.
Pixelated Movie Posters
Suddenly these posters seem a lot seedier than before.
Sporclin' through the '80s II
Name the historical people, movies, musicians, TV shows, athletes, board games and toys from the 1980s.
Romance Movies (A-Z)
A love for every letter.
Match Em' Up: Movie Romances
Time to play matchmaker!
Graphic Novelized Movies
Now this is a novel idea.
Top Billed Actors On IMDb VI
These were the money makers for these money makers.
Movie Word Quintets IV
You know, for something labeled a 'game', they don't seem to be having fun.
Movies 'Starring Titles' III
An online education has never been easier to obtain. This quiz alone offers 25 credits.
Oscar Nominees (2016)
Time to start making those Oscar pool predictions.
Animated Movies of the Last 25 Years
It's pretty clear computer animation has improved over the last 25 years.
Unoriginal Movies
Quit copying me!
Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (1980s)
It's too early for a bathroom break!
5-Star Box Office Actors II
We think these actors deserve more than 5 stars.
Movies with Typewriters
You could say these actors were typecast.
Directors with Multiple Oscars
Probably the best bald head he's ever kissed.
Keep it down in there! We're trying to play movie quizzes.
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