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Danny DeVito Movies
Today is the first annual Danny DeVito day in New Jersey.
Fantastic Beasts Typing Challenge
Name the progressively longer words in this Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them themed typing challenge.
Al Pacino or Robert De Niro
You talkin' to me 'bout ATTICA!?! ATTICA!?!
Leonardo DiCaprio Movies
I'm King of the World!!!!
Tom Cruise Movies
We love that one Tom Cruise movie where he's running as fast as he can and looking very serious.
Pick the Amy Adams Movie
Make sure you don't start thinking of Isla Fisher movies.
Bruce Willis Movies
Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*****! a Bruce Willis Sporcle Quiz!!!
Johnny Depp Movies
Johnny Depp? Oh wasn't he that guy from 12 Jump Street?
Movie Cast Match (1980)
We need to take a few minutes to think about the fact that these movies are 36 years old.
Cameron Diaz Movies
Cameron Diaz went to high school with rapper Snoop Dogg. That has nothing to do with the quiz, but it is fun to know.
Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock
It's a showdown between two of America's favorite actresses.
Tom Cruise is always on the run.
Bill Murray or Chevy Chase
A grudge that dates back to the early days of SNL.
Movie Cast Match (2012)
2012, the year that the movie 'Battleship' showed us that Rihanna should never be an actress.
Tom Hanks Movies
Fun fact: Tom Hanks is the most likable person in the entire world.
Meryl Streep or Glenn Close
It's a close call on some of these.
Movie Cast Match (2015)
2015 was not a bad year for movies!
5-Star Movies
Usually it's far too expensive to get 5 stars in the same movie, but for Sporcle they make an exception.
Meryl Streep Movies
We love that one movie where Meryl Streep was nominated for an Oscar. Oh wait, that's like...all of them.
George Clooney or Brad Pitt
Hollywood's new power couple: Pitt-ney
The Big Board: '80s Movies
The special effects are a little less convincing than they were thirty years ago, but we still love these movies.
Harrison Ford Movies
Harrison Ford is a reluctant hero who manages to save the day. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
5-Star Actors VI
Some actors are so famous you are probably already sick of them.
Three Movies: 'M' Actors
Mmmmm... movies.
Movie Cast Match (1990)
1990 is proof that bad movie sequels aren’t some sort of new phenomena.
Missing Word: Crazy, Stupid, Love
Name the missing word from the movies in which these Crazy, Stupid, Love actors appeared.
Famous Fives: 21st Century Movies (Actors)
Cheers to you, Leo. You may only have one Oscar, but you've certainly made your rounds through a lot of Sporcle quizzes.
Pick the Keira Knightley Movie
Be sure not to pick any Natalie Portman movies.
Movie Cast Match (2010)
2010: The year that two divas got together to make a movie and no one paid any attention.
Chaplin by Plot Description
Name the Charlie Chaplin feature film which is about...
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