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'B' Celebrity Snippets
Pick the famous 'B' people based on snippets of their lives.
Harrison Ford Films by Image
You can't have help here. You'll have to take this quiz Solo.
15 Seconds of Fame: Keanu Reeves
Are you as fast as Keanu Reeves?
Patrick, Jennifer, Neither or Both?
Nobody puts Swayze in a corner.
George Lucas Movies
For being such a recognizable director, he really hasn't directed all that much.
The Evolution of Robert Downey Jr.
Name the Movies in The Evolution of Robert Downey Jr.? (Credit Jeff Victor).
Missing Word: John C. Reilly
Name the words missing from these John C. Reilly movie titles.
Quick Pick: Jake Gyllenhaal Co-Stars
Pick the unique co-star of Jake Gyllenhaal given the movie title? .
Get the Picture: Starring Which Michael?
Can you choose which Michael stars in each of the following films?
Box Office Bonanza: George Clooney
How many tries would this quiz take George Clooney?
Daisy Ridley Movies
Name the movies in which Daisy Ridley has featured.
Arnie Schwarzenegger Movie Slideshow
I'm not sure which is his most impressive feat - killing a predator or giving birth...
Producing Actors
Sometimes acting just isn't enough.
Missing Word: Christoph Waltz
Name the missing words in these movies featuring Christoph Waltz.
Get the Picture: Steve Martin or Bill Murray?
Can you pick whether Steve Martin or Bill Murray starred in each of these movies?
Hanks, Not Cruise
Who's your favorite Tom?
Tom Hanks Movie by Poster
Name the Tom Hanks movies by their posters.
Danny Boyle by Plot Description
Name the Danny Boyle film which is about...
Kate McKinnon Movies
No, Saturday Night Live is not a movie.
Begins and Ends: Spielberg Movies
It's always more efficient to remove the middle man anyway.
Which Catwoman?
Who knew Catwoman was such a talented actress?
Get the Picture: Starring Which Tom?
Can you choose which Tom stars in each of the following films?
Fonda Movie Multiple Choice
Are you fond of Fonda?
Click the Right Samuel L. Jackson (Picture Click)
Can you click the image of Samuel L. Jackson as his character appears in each film?
The Last Word: Movie Directors II
Movie directors always get the last word.
Get the Picture: Eddie Murphy or Will Smith?
Can you choose whether Eddie Murphy or Will Smith appeared in each movie?
Pick the Kevin Costner Movie
A few of these movies probably Costner a lot to make.
Missing Word: Dustin Hoffman Movies (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from each of these Dustin Hoffman movies?
Double Letter Johnny Depp
What's your favorite JohNNY DePP movie?
Missing Word: Nicholas Hoult
Name the word missing from these Nicholas Hoult movie titles.
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