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Movie Cast Match (1978) (Clickable)
Pick the 1978 Movies by its Cast.
5-Star Actresses II
Our favorite actress is still Jack Lemmon in drag.
Three Movies: 'N' & 'O' Actors
Unless you're a huge movie buff, there's 'N' 'O' way you'll get them all.
What Movie? Actor Pairings in Only Three Movies
For these actors, it's three hits and you're out.
Chris Hemsworth Movies
Chris Hemsworth has a couple other things on his resume, other than being People's sexiest man alive.
Ben Stiller Movies
I'm pretty sure there's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, and I plan on finding out what that is...right after taking this Sporcle quiz!
Anne Hathaway Movies
Just try to forget that she ever hosted the Oscars.
Orlando Bloom Movies
Fun Fact: Orlando Bloom is the only elf named after a major city in Florida.
Movie Cast Chain Game II
This quiz is technically on the chain.
Tom Hardy Movies
Happy Birthday, Tom Hardy!
Eddie Murphy Movies
OK, so his singing career didn't quite take off, at least he could fall back on doing movies - can you name them?
Steve Buscemi Movies
We liked him in that one movie where he played the creepy guy.
Movies by Plot II
Why spend $10 at the movies when we can provide all the plot you need right here?
Alan Rickman Movies
Give him a hand, he's British!
Miyazaki by Plot Description
Name the Hayao Miyazaki film which is about...
Last Vegas Retirees
Name the actors who played the four retirees who travel to Las Vegas to have a bachelor party in the 2013 movie 'Last Vegas'.
Get the Picture: Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer
Can you choose whether the following movies starred Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer?
Movie Cast Match (2018) (Clickable)
Pick the movie released in 2018 by three members of its cast.
Three Movies, Two Actors
Some movie duos make more than one classic.
Pick the Robert De Niro Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Robert De Niro?
Pick the Morgan Freeman Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Morgan Freeman?
Pick the Daniel Day-Lewis Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis?
Pick the Johnny Depp Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Johnny Depp?
Pick the Keira Knightley Movie
Be sure not to pick any Natalie Portman movies.
Word Ladder: Ryan Gosling
Name the four-letter words in this word ladder featuring films starring or directed by Ryan Gosling.
Pick the Amy Adams Movie
Make sure you don't start thinking of Isla Fisher movies.
Danny DeVito Movies
Today is the first annual Danny DeVito day in New Jersey.
Nicolas Cage Movies
Francis Ford Coppola's nephew has a few movies under his belt, how many can you name?
Jack Nicholson Movies
Here's Jack! Through 5 decades and 57 credited movies, Mr. Nicholson has only twice played characters with the first name of Jack. For what it's worth, he was only a Johnny once.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies by Quote
The previous Governor of California didn't have half this many movies!
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