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Movies: Woody Harrelson
Name The Woody Harrelson Movies.
Uma Thurman Movies
I don't know why, but I love that Uma has played characters named Rafi, Sissy, and Ulla.
Ridley Scott Movies
You might know Ridley Scott for directing the"1984" Apple Macintosh commercial...oh yeah and he has done some movies as well.
Movies Sixes
These movies would make quite the movie marathon.
Michael Douglas Movies
Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.
Gene Hackman Movies
More often than not, Hackman portrays someone in charge of the situation...must be the mustache.
No, we're not asking you to sort out a Streep family photo. Maybe next time though.
3 Roles (1980s Edition)
An '80s quiz would just be incomplete without Molly Ringwald.
Missing Word: Vince Vaughn
Name the missing word in each of these Vince Vaughn movies.
Pick the George Clooney Movie
Before people hated Ben Affleck's Batman, there was George Clooney.
Marlon Brando Movies
Just remember, you coulda been coulda been a contendah!
3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year II
Apparently, these actors have no issues finding work.
Word Ladder: Actor and Roles
Name the 5-letter links in this word ladder featuring an actor and their films.
Charlize Theron Movies
In 2008, the UN Secretary General asked Charlize Theron to be a UN Messenger of Peace...she has also been known to make a movie or two.
Paul Newman Movies
Whether in his movies or in his philanthropic ventures, Paul Newman (1925-2008) was the man, and will be missed.
Movie Cast Match (1983)
A match made in (movie) heaven.
Halle Berry Movies
Berry turned down the role of Annie in Speed, somehow that didn't seem to slow her down.
Kate Who?
Do you know these Kates, Cates, Kats, and Catherines?
Two Word Movies: Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp. Likes to. Keep Things. Very Simple.
Quick Pick: Tom Hanks
Can you quickly pick the missing word from these Tom Hanks movies?
Bill Murray or Chevy Chase
A grudge that dates back to the early days of SNL.
Movies by Giants
It’s not their fault being the biggest and the strongest. They don’t even exercise.
2001: A Space Odyssey
For the first quiz after 2000 published quizzes, what could be better?
Don Cheadle Movies
Little known fact, Don Cheadle was on the TV Show "FAME", that doesn't help you with this quiz, but it is interesting.
Word Ladder: Scorsese Films
Name the words in this 4-letter Scorsese-themed word ladder.
John Cazale Movies
John Cazale only appeared in 5 movies before dying of cancer. It just so happens that they were some of the greatest films of all time.
Martin Short Movies
Life is too short to not watch Martin Short movies.
Spike Lee Movies
Despite his unhealthy obsession with the New York Knicks, Spike Lee manages to put out some pretty cool films.
Movie Cast Match (1981)
Cast a glance over at this quiz.
Hilary Swank Movies
I have seen all of two of these movies, but she won the Oscar for both of them. I think I must be some kind of good luck charm or something.
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