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3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year III
These actors must have had a busy year.
Three Actors, One Role
Now begins the real debate, who played it better?
3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year II
Apparently, these actors have no issues finding work.
3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year
These actors know how to stay busy.
3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year IV
Pick the actor who appeared in all 3 films released in the same year.
3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year V
Pick the actor who appeared in all 3 films released in the same year.
Bill Murray or Chevy Chase
Can you determine whether each of these movies stars Bill Murray or Chevy Chase?
Click a Quentin Tarantino Film
Pick the movies directed by Quentin Tarantino by their pictures.
3 Roles (1990s Edition)
These movies played a role in making the '90s so great.
Missing Word: Ridley Scott
Name the word missing from these Ridley Scott movie titles.
The Evolution of Liam Neeson
Name the Movies in The Evolution of Liam Neeson? (Credit Jeff Victor).
Click a Tim Burton Film
Happy Birthday Tim Burton!
Harrison Ford Movies
Harrison Ford is a reluctant hero who manages to save the day. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Click a Pixar Film by Ratzenberger Role
Pick the Pixar movies by a picture of John Ratzenberger's character in them.
5-Star Movies
Usually it's far too expensive to get 5 stars in the same movie, but for Sporcle they make an exception.
Movie Cast Match (2015)
2015 was not a bad year for movies!
Click a John Hughes Film
Pick the movies that John Hughes produced or executive produced by their pictures.
Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain
Can you determine whether each of these movies stars Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain?
Movie Cast Match (1988)
We spilled our box of 1988 movies on the floor. How fast can you count them?
Movies Speed-Picking
It's the Sporcle equivalent to fast-forwarding.
Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock
It's a showdown between two of America's favorite actresses.
5-Star Box Office Actresses
These may not be their most critically acclaimed movies, but we love them all the same.
Movie Cast Match (1981)
Cast a glance over at this quiz.
Movie Cast Match (2012)
2012, the year that the movie 'Battleship' showed us that Rihanna should never be an actress.
Reese Witherspoon or Renée Zellweger
Can you determine whether each of these movies stars Reese Witherspoon or Renée Zellweger?
The Big Board: '80s Movies
The special effects are a little less convincing than they were thirty years ago, but we still love these movies.
Pick the Matt Damon Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Matt Damon?
5-Star Movies II
Who ever heard of a 6-star movie anyway?
5-Star Actresses IV
These actresses are the bee's knees.
Matt Damon Movies
Dozens of movies, numerous TV appearances, an Oscar, and People's Sexiest Man all before the age of 40, but how well does he do on Sporcle?
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