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The Many Faces of Bill Murray
Did his mom ever tell him, "if you keep making that face, it'll get stuck that way"?
Who Played What?
Can you choose which actor played the famous movie character given?
Quick Pick: Jim Carrey Roles
Pick the movie starring Jim Carrey when given his character.
Three Actors, One Role
Now begins the real debate, who played it better?
Rian Johnson by Plot Description
Pick the film directed by Rian Johnson which is about...
Higher Or Lower: Rotten Tomatoes
Can you determine whether each movie listed has a higher or lower Rotten Tomatoes score than the previous one?
The Horror Movie Landmarks
If you're given a name of the Horror Movie, can you find its real life locations?
Nine in Time: John Hughes' Characters
Pick the nine characters from films directed by John Hughes by name in only 30 seconds.
Who Died In This Film?
Can you choose the character who passed away, during the duration of the movie, when given the title of that movie?
Who Survived This Film?
Can you choose the character who was living at the end of the movie title provided?
Michael Bay by Plot Description
Pick the Michael Bay film which is about...
Alliterative Actors By Three Roles
Match the alliteratively-named actor to their three given roles.
Missing Word: Famous Jasons
Name the missing words from these movies featuring various Jasons.
Missing Word: Oscar Best 1967
Name the words missing from these movies of the Oscar winning stars of 1967.
Tom Hanks Movies
Fun fact: Tom Hanks is the most likable person in the entire world.
Get The Picture: Adam Sandler Movie Ratings
Can you pick if each Adam Sandler movie has a fresh or rotten rating on
Get The Picture: Meryl Streep Movie Ratings
Can you choose the Get The Picture: Meryl Streep Movie Ratings?
Click the Five Word Movies
Luckily, our hands have five fingers so you have a good tool right there.
Missing Word: Famous Kristens
Name the missing words in these films starring various Kristens.
10 Actors, 3 Decades
Turns out that Leo kid might have some staying power.
Nolan by Plot Description
Every Nolan movie has a few main Tenets to keep in mind.
Missing Word: Pauls
Name the missing word in these movies featuring various Pauls.
10 Actors, 3 Decades II
How is it that some of these actors have been around longer than 3 decades, but haven't seemed to age?
Leonardo DiCaprio Movies
I'm King of the World!!!!
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
Bodybuilder, actor, governor, donkey owner... is there anything he can't do?
Will Smith Movies
If you're looking for a blockbuster, Will Smith is the guy you want to call.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
Missing Word: Elizabeths
Name the missing words in these films featuring various Elizabeths/Elisabeths.
Missing Word: Amazing Amandas
Name the missing words in these movies featuring various Amandas.
'ION' Movies
Name the movies containing the word 'ion' in their title.
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