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Word Ladder: Obi-Wan Kenobi Quotes
Name the four-letter words in this Obi-Wan Kenobi-themed word ladder.
LOTR Prologue
For such a long movie, this is a relatively short beginning.
Which Movie Character? II
Can you choose the movie character who said each famous quote?
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
Word Ladder: Yoda Quotes
Name the four-letter words in this Yoda-themed word ladder.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote III
Pick the last word to these famous quotes from movies.
Which Batman Said It? 2
Can you choose choose which Batman actor said each quote?
Finish the Famous Movie Quote II
Have fun trying to finish these quotes from _____.
Word Ladder: Darth Vader Quotes
Name the four-letter words in this Darth Vader-themed word ladder.
Movie Acrostic Puzzle
Can you solve this puzzle by either answering the clues or deciphering the words in the quote at the top? (See 'How To Play')
Before the Famous Line II
Say what you want about these lines, but they sure set up something great.
Word Ladder: Han Solo Quotes
Name the four-letter words in this Han Solo-themed word ladder.
Finish That Insult: More Movie Put-Downs
Bullying is a bad thing. But you have to admit these are pretty funny.
Finish the Famous Sandlot Quote
Pick the last word of famous lines from The Sandlot.
Complete the Movie Quote... With a Picture
We're not sure that this is what the movie writers had in mind.
Finish That Insult: Harry Potter
This quiz could also be titled 'Malfoy & Hermione's Greatest Hits.'
Movie Quotes
Nobody puts Sporcle in a corner!
Follow That Line: Mary Poppins
This is practically perfect in every way.
Will Ferrell Movie Quotes
Some of these quotes we've said so often we just assumed we made them up.
Picture Bunker: Movies Edition
Can you choose the correct picture that answers each question to get to sector 15 of this movie bunker?
Movie Quotes III
If your boss catches you playing this one, just tell him or her: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a Sporcle"
Disney Opening Lines
Disney sure has employed a lot of narrators over the years.
Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Heroes by Quote
Can you correctly match each MCU Hero to his/her quote?
Hexagon Hopping - Movie Quotes
Bee Movie is oddly missing from this quiz.
Movie Quotes II
You've waited for months, and the movie quotes sequel is finally out. Coming up with the movies for these quotes should be 'Elementary, my dear Watson.'
'00s Movies by Quote
Don't quote us on this.
The Big Board: '80s Movies
The special effects are a little less convincing than they were thirty years ago, but we still love these movies.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Movies
All movie endings should have a multiple choice option.
Follow That Lyric: Mary Poppins
Pick the line that continues the given lyrics from the movie Mary Poppins.
Follow That Line: Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
If you get one wrong, just turn your time turner back and try again.
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