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Movie by Quote Antonym
It's opposite day here at Sporcle.
Movies Bunker II
We're gonna need a bigger bunker.
Follow That Line: Jurassic Park
We think we're gonna need a bigger secret island laboratory.
Movie Quotes V
I realized this weekend that half of the funny and witty things I say actually come from movies...the other half isn't really that funny or witty.
Movie Titles Said in Movie II
How else is the audience supposed to know the movie title if you don't have a character say it in the movie somewhere?
Movie Quotes II
You've waited for months, and the movie quotes sequel is finally out. Coming up with the movies for these quotes should be 'Elementary, my dear Watson.'
Movie Titles Said in Movie III
How else are you going to get the movie title into the trailer?
1990s Movie Taglines II
Looks like an entire decade of movie taglines, dontcha know.
Questioning Movie Quotes II?
We'll ask the questions here, thank you very much.
1990s Movie Taglines
The '90s weren't known for their amazing taglines, but hey, who are we to judge?
Questioning Movie Quotes?
Here at Sporcle, we question everything.
What Movie Is That From? II
You can have all of us, Renée Zellweger. You can have it all.
Movie Quotes III
If your boss catches you playing this one, just tell him or her: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a Sporcle"
Before the Famous Line II
Say what you want about these lines, but they sure set up something great.
Movie Quotes IV
If you do poorly on this quiz, just tell people 'Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Sporcle'.
Movie Quotes
Nobody puts Sporcle in a corner!
2000s Movie Taglines
The 2000s weren't that long ago, you shouldn't have any trouble remembering these movie taglines.
Questioning Movie Quotes III?
Ask a silly question, get a silly quote.
Movie Titles Said in Movie
In case you didn't know which movie you were watching, these movies make sure to remind you.
Questioning Movie Quotes VI?
Why do you think we like movie quotes so much?
Mixed Up Movie Quotes
We mix up quotes like these all the time, some of them are better this way.
Movies Mentioned in Movies
You could probably make a pretty good sequel to Inception by playing this quiz.
Questioning Movie Quotes IV?
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?
Movie by Repeated Quote V
Leo can sure get the ladies laughing.
Questioning Movie Quotes V?
Our only question is how does Yoda still look so good at 900 years-old?
Movie by Repeated Quote IV
This is one way to help actors remember their lines.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
Finish That Insult: Harry Potter
This quiz could also be titled 'Malfoy & Hermione's Greatest Hits.'
Follow That Line: The Avengers
Get a bunch of superheroes in a room together and you're bound to get good quotes.
Questioning Movie Quotes IX?
Dude, where's my movie quote?
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