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1 to 10 AFI Movie Quotes II
The Bates Motel is a bit like Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Disney Zingers
If you can't say something nice, at least say something funny.
Quick Pick: Entertainment Smells
Pick the word or phrase associated with smell for each clue.
Missing Word: Paramount Pictures
Name the missing words in these Paramount Pictures movies.
Short & Sweet: Quotes from '80s Action/Adventure
Choose fast because there's probably a big explosion involved.
Monster Movie By Monster Quote
This is a monster of a movie quiz.
Monty Python's Missing Colors Picture Click
You knew that a Monty Python quiz would be colorful.
Disney Princess by First Line
Well, there's a first line for everything.
1 to 10 AFI Movie Quotes
It will take more than a sixth sense to remember all these quotes.
Follow That Line: Aladdin
All this for a loaf of bread?
One-Word Movie Lines
Catchy without even a phrase.
Bible or Sound of Music?
Can you tell whether each quote is taken from the Bible, or from the Sound of Music?
The Princess Bride Multiple Choice
You don't know who said it? Inconceivable!
Follow That Line: BFI Top 100
Quotes from across the pond.
Chris Evans Quotes: Human Torch or Captain America
From class clown to leader of the pack!
The Princess Bride Begins & Ends
Anybody want a... mawiage?
Pixar Conversations
Wow. I wish I could speak whale.
Who Said It: Vader or Helmet
It's the Force vs. the Schwartz!
The Think Quiz
You better think.
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