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Star Wars Crawl (Episode VIII)
We wish we were trapped on a remote island with Luke Skywalker.
Monsters, Inc. Play
Even Shakespeare never wrote a poem as good as this.
Sporcled Movie Quotes II
You can't handle the one-bombs!
90's Movie Villains By Quote
Feel free to practice your maniacal laugh while playing.
Monty Python's Quotable Quotes
I play this quiz in your general direction.
'90s Movies by Quote
Why is it that things from the '90s seem more quotable than other decades?
Word Ladder: Yoda Quotes
Name the four-letter words in this Yoda-themed word ladder.
Movie Pop-Ups II
For those who don't have the patience to sit through a movie without checking their email.
Follow That Line: Christmas Movies
Every time a bell rings, an angel gets... a 39 and half foot pole!
Disney Chat-Up Lines
See what PG flirting looks like.
Who Said It?: Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor
Which queen of sci-fi action was it?
Star Wars Begins & Ends: Episode VII Dialogue
We'd say use the Force, but that's not how the Force works.
Quick Pick: Movie Quotes A to Z
Pick the words missing from these classic movie lines.
Follow That Line: Mad Max: Fury Road
Does Tom Hardy's grunting count as dialogue?
Finding Nemo, Clicking Dory
If you forget, you're just really in character.
What if Movie Villains Were Unstoppable?
You thought you had them beat?!
Movie by Repeated Quote VI
We don't like repeating ourselves but we'll do it here anyway.
Triple Picture Click Movies 1
Find the threesomes!
Which Disney Henchman Said It?
Every good villain needs a yes man.
John Hughes Is Quoting Me
It's the one with the misunderstood, moody teen, isn't it?
Movie Quotes That Rhyme
These movies have poets and they didn't even know it.
Questioning Movie Quotes VIII?
Why do movies ask so many questions? Who do they think is going to answer them?
Pumpkin Spiced Movies
The flavor virus is spreading to the cinema...
LOTR: Sméagol-Gollum 'Monologue' - Movie Version
Filthy little Academy. They stole the Oscar from us, precious.
Who Said It: Dracula or Cullen
Was it the spooky vampire or the sparkly vampire?
Chucky's Lines
No batteries required.
Word Ladder: An Alien's Request
Name the 3-letter words in this movie quote themed word ladder.
Clickable Godfather Words
"I'm going to send him a Sporcle challenge he can't refuse."
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