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Disney First Lines
These Disney movies know how to make a great introduction.
Follow That Line: Jurassic Park
We think we're gonna need a bigger secret island laboratory.
Follow That Line: The Princess Bride
A Sporcle quiz about 'The Princess Bride'? As you wish.
Follow That Line: Ghostbusters
When someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!
AFI Quotes Extravaganza
We don't like to use the term 'extravaganza' lightly. Mostly because it's very difficult to spell.
1930s Screenplay Winners by Line
Name the 1930s Screenplay Winners by Line.
Get the Picture: Elrond, Agent Smith, or V?
Can you identify whether each quote was spoken by Hugo Weaving as Elrond in the Lord of the Rings franchise, Agent Smith in the Matrix franchise, or V in V for Vendetta?
Movie Acrostic Puzzle
Movie trivia and movie quotes, all wrapped up into one puzzle.
Movie by Repeated Quote III
Maybe if we listened the first time, these movies wouldn't have to keep repeating themselves.
'Groundhog Day' Events in Order
OK campers, rise and shine!
Monster Movie By Monster Quote
This is a monster of a movie quiz.
1990s Movie Taglines
The '90s weren't known for their amazing taglines, but hey, who are we to judge?
5-Star Movie Quotes
Are you a movie quote guru? Boy do we have the quiz for you!
Almost Useless Movie Trivia
If the world is ever held hostage by movie trivia seeking aliens, this might actually come in handy.
Follow That Line: Shrek
You see, Donkey, an ogre is like an onion...
Fight Club Clickable Rules
I'm pretty sure we've broken two rules already.
Ezekiel 25:17 (Pulp Fiction)
Tarantino took a few liberties with this passage, but we think it works.
Avengers: Endgame Character By Two Words
Pick the character from Avengers: Endgame poster by two words they said during the movie.
Avengers Movies: Last Words
Match the character from the Avengers movies to their final words? (Read How To Play).
Indiana Jones 10 to 1
Pick the things that these facts apply to.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Deathly Hallows 2
Put away the script, you're not allowed to have that in front of you.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Goblet of Fire
Drinking out of a goblet made of fire sounds like an unhealthy idea.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Prisoner of Azkaban
Hopefully you've seen the movie before taking this quiz.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Chamber of Secrets
A house divided against its elf cannot stand.
Star Wars Blitz: 'Return of the Jedi' Dialogue
Pick the main character who spoke these lines of dialogue from STAR WARS Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, in this 2 minute blitz
LOTR Screenshots: The Two Towers
Gotta wonder why they stopped at just two towers.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: The Sorcerer's Stone
Let's just hope you don't get struck with the Forgetfulness Charm.
Bible or Sound of Music?
If you sing the Bible, does it become the same thing?
Wizard of Oz Wishes
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Entertainment
Who would make the best host for the Sporcle Game Show?
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