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All movie endings should have a multiple choice option.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
Movie Quote Picture Click III
Can you click on the character who said these famous movie quotes?
Finish That Disney Insult
Who knew Disney characters could be so rude?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote Pick
Can you choose the correct quote?
Click the Food in the Movie Quotes
Can you click the image of the food that's missing in these movie quotes?
5-Star Movie Quotes
Are you a movie quote guru? Boy do we have the quiz for you!
Movie Quotes
Nobody puts Sporcle in a corner!
Movie Titles Said in Movie VI
It's helpful when characters remind you what movie you are watching.
You Sly Dog, You Got Me Monologuing!
Somewhere at supervillain school, you'd think they would have a class on the importance of keeping your mouth shut!
My Friends Call Me...
My given name is Benjamin Buford Blue, but people call me...
Clickable Pulp Fiction: Ezekiel 25:17
Just one question: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
Almost Useless Movie Trivia
If the world is ever held hostage by movie trivia seeking aliens, this might actually come in handy.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Entertainment
Who would make the best host for the Sporcle Game Show?
Finish that Insult: Harry Potter
This quiz could also be titled 'Malfoy & Hermione's Greatest Hits.'
Movies Bunker II
We're gonna need a bigger bunker.
Disney Opening Lines
Disney sure has employed a lot of narrators over the years.
What Movie Is That From?
Remember that one movie where that person said that one thing?
Follow That Line: Star Wars
Loudly exclaiming 'These are not the droids you are looking for' is an easy way to get out of any conversation.
'Taken' Quote
Taken. Great movie or greatest movie?
The 'Gladiator' Speech
Are you not entertained?
Star Wars or Spaceballs?
May the force or schwartz be with you.
Tough Disney Film Quotes
'Tough' isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Disney.
Follow That Line: Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
If you get one wrong, just turn your time turner back and try again.
Almost Useless Movie Trivia V
Almost useless doesn't mean 'completely useless', and that's good enough for us!
Almost Useless Movie Trivia VIII
This quiz won't make you any smarter, but it will teach you how to spell 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' (not really).
Almost Useless Movie Trivia IV
This trivia is almost useless, which means it should come in handy someday.
Wizard of Oz Wishes
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
What Movie Is That From? II
You can have all of us, Renée Zellweger. You can have it all.
Click the Color in the Movie Quotes
Can you click the image of the color that's missing in these movie quotes?
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