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Find That Movie! VI
These movies are lost. Can you find them?
Star Wars 7-to-1
Can you match each Star Wars answer to the correct category?
This Movie Will Kill You!
Name the movie where a character yells 'I'll Kill You!'.
Actors as Actors: Fictional Actors
Name the actors playing actors or the movies in which they are playing actors.
Fill in the Name: Film Quotes
Let's drop some names.
Actors as Actors: Real Actors
Name the actors playing real actors or the real actors they are playing.
Who Died? Harry Potter movies
Pick the characters from the Harry Potter movies who died during the course of the series (excluding time between the main action and the epilogue)? See How to Play for important notes..
Find That Movie! V
Where did those movies get off to this time?
Two-Word Movie Quotes
Sometimes it's better to keep it short and sweet.
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Can you sort the 100 Movies items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Find That Movie! III
Sometimes your favorite movies are the ones that find you.
Movie Anagrams
Find That Movie!
Back in our day, we had to drive to Blockbuster if we wanted to find a movie.
101 Movie Title Characters
Quizzes are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
Movie Characters by Lego
Hey everybody, LEGO play Sporcle!
Movies by Scene III
It's a little like watching 20 movies at one time...only cheaper!
Find That Movie! IV
We never realized movies went missing so often.
Iconic Movie Dresses: Black, White, Silver, and Gold
From LBDs (little black dresses) to MBGs (magic ball gowns).
Disney Villains
You can't have a a great Disney hero unless they face a worthy Disney villain.
Breaking Movie News!
Name these movies that are making headlines.
Mystery Movie Puzzle VI
Name the answers to the categories below and solve the mystery movie puzzle? (See: 'How to Play' for instructions).
Iconic Movie Dresses: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Brown
These actresses are dressed to kill.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'N'
There's many newsworthy and notable people here.
Mystery Movie Puzzle V
Name the answers to the categories below and solve the mystery movie puzzle? (See: 'How to Play' for instructions).
Cavemen (and Cavewomen) in Movies
Match the movie title with an image of a caveman, cavewoman, or prehistoric humanoid from that movie.
A-Z Title Characters Slideshow III
We'd love to see an alphabet book full of these movie characters.
30 in 60: Disney Characters
Playing this quiz is like fast-forwarding through all of your favorite childhood friends.
She's a Star! Barbie as Famous Movie Characters
Name the movie represented by each specialty Barbie or Ken doll.
X-Men: Days of Future Partying Logic Puzzle
We have just one question: How do you get an invite?
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