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'Dumbo' Characters (Picture Click)
Pick the characters that appear in Walt Disney's 'Dumbo'.
Harry Potter Screen-time 1: Philosopher's Stone
Time to pull out your stopwatch and re-watch Harry Potter.
15-to-1 Movie Cast Match
Pick the 15-to-1 Movie Cast Match.
Picture Bunker: Movies Edition
Can you choose the correct picture that answers each question to get to sector 15 of this movie bunker?
Insurance Agents at the Movies
We can insure you that you'll have a good time playing this quiz.
Star Wars Character or Soup?
Who doesn't love a hot cup of Kenobi?
Movie Character by Sporcler Icon (Picture Click)
Movie Characters and Sporclers together? That sounds like the perfect recipe for fun!
Horror Killers: Multiple Choice
Don't play this quiz at night.
Almost Played By Leonardo DiCaprio
In hindsight, Leo is probably happy he didn't make the cut for some of these movies.
Find the Movie Bullies
Can you identify the bullying and mean characters from various movies?
Which Harry Potter Movie? (Dumbledore)
Can you pick which Harry Potter Movie these photos of Dumbledore are from?
A Fool for a Client
Lets hope they don't face Mr. T on the stand.
5 Star Movie Character match up
It's like walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but from your comfy chair.
Double Dip: Antagonist / Protagonist II
Name the the antagonist or the protagonist given their description.
20 Movie Mothers
A boy's best friend is his mother.
'Of' Movie Actresses
Name these movies that all contain the word OF in the title.
Click Five: Burton Characters
Pick the five characters from each Tim Burton movie.
Clue Characters Blackmail
Pick the Clue Characters by the reason they were being blackmailed.
Disney Movie Find (Picture Click)
Can you find the Disney movies in the picture below?
Fictional Professors in Movies
Match the fictional professor to the movie they appear in.
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