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7 to 1: Tom Holland
Pick the items related to Tom Holland in this 7 to 1 Sorting Blitz.
Get The Picture: Incredibles
Can you choose the correct member of the Incredibles for each clue?
Movie Couples Match
We couldn't wait until Valentine's Day, so here's some of that energy.
Which Tom Hanks Face?
Can you choose which picture of Tom Hanks is taken from the given movie?
The Dustice League
Name the characters from the Avengers franchise who are being erased from existence by the power of the infinity stones.
Oscar Nominated Performances - 2002
Pick the performances that snatched an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor or Best Supporting Actress when given a brief description of the character.
Pick the Movie Title Character III
Pick the title character for each movie.
2010s TV Shows by Characters
Name the TV shows that aired during the 2010s by 3 of their characters.
11 to 1: Disney Princess Movie Characters
Pick the characters that are part of the given movie featuring one of the Disney Princesses.
Get the Picture: Disney Princesses II
Can you choose the correct Disney princess for each piece of trivia?
Pick the Movie Title Character II
Not quite easy as Pi.
Disney Character Mania
Be our guest down under the sea, and we'll paint with all the colors of the wind.
Disney Character Speaking
Some quizzes are worth melting for.
Von Trapp Family Children
We know that after taking this quiz you will no doubt have many of the catchy songs from the Sound of Music in your head...for that, we apologize.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Screen Time
Name the characters from Guardians Of The Galaxy who received the most screen time.
Which Movie Character?
We hope you don't feel the need to sing, "If I Only Had a Brain" after you finish this quiz.
Bullseye Blitz: Disney & Pixar!
Hopefully your aim is as good as Robin's and Merida's.
Color Crisis at Disney
Someone wake the animators, there's a crisis afoot.
Lego Villains of the MCU
Pick the villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from their Lego minifigure.
5 Scenes, 1 Actor! VI
These actors really get around in their various roles.
Quick Pick: Movie Monster Mashup
Can you identify the horror movie when given the name of its villain?
100 Greatest Movie Characters
Incredibly the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is not on this list, we are guessing he is number 101.
Movie Acrostic Puzzle
Movie trivia and movie quotes, all wrapped up into one puzzle.
Paint Jurassic Park
No artistic ability needed.
Movie Duos Multiple Choice
The word 'duet' seems to be limited to music, but maybe it shouldn't be.
One-Eyed Movie Posters
We see nothing wrong with this quiz.
Disney Character Blitz IV
Pick the correct Disney character.
Disney Character Blitz III
Pick the correct Disney character.
Disney Character Blitz II
Pick the correct Disney character.
Movie by Repeated Quote VII
Sometimes you end up with quotes that are more well known than the movie they're from.
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